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Applying for your OCI Card can be a daunting task to undertake alone. With Reload OCI’s home visit service, a trained member of our staff will visit your home or office and take care of the entire process of obtaining your OCI Card including advising you on which documents are required for your OCI application, all form filling and even taking care of your biometric OCI passport photo for you with our 100% Pass Guarantee service*.

Rest Assured Service:
The entire OCI process will be completed for you in the comfort of your Home or Office.

We are the #1 OCI Help Service:
Reload OCI has already completed 1000s of successful OCI applications.

Your Trust is our Success

Home or Office visit OCI application help service

At Reload OCI, a trained member of our staff will come in person to your home or office and complete the entire OCI application for you, whether you are applying for a FRESH OCI, or are looking to renew/transfer your OCI. We deal with every aspect of your OCI visa one on one with you, all from the comfort of your home anywhere in London and our fee includes taking your OCI passport photo for you and print it for you. 

We cater for all OCI Application Visas including:

  • First time / Fresh OCI Application
  • OCI Renewal
  • Transfer OCI to new Passport
  • Change in Name, Address or Profession in OCI
  • Conversion of PIO Visa to an OCI Card
  • Lost your OCI? We will arrange all formalities.

When we visit your home we will be also be able to apply for multiple family members including your young children (including newborns), elderly individuals and those who may be less mobile.

Using our home visit OCI help service is especially useful if you have young children, as we know how challenging it can be to keep children entertained and in one place while you get important work done.

OCI Home Visit – Our Price List

Our prices are simple. Let us take care of the entire OCI process for you  – please make a booking with us now.

OCI ServiceOne applicantEach additional applicant
Fresh OCI Application Help @Home£129.99£79.99
OCI Renewal Help @Home£119.99£69.99
Lost OCI Reissue @Home£119.99£69.99
Change of Personal Details @Home£119.99£69.99
Transfer of OCI @Home£119.99£69.99
PIO to OCI Conversion Help @Home£119.99£69.99

** Need a PAN Card? Just add £59.99 per applicant to this price. The above fees include all costs including travel costs for one of our member of staff to travel to your house.


To make a OCI Home Visit booking please email us:

contact reload internet
Or Call us on 0207 193 9293


The Reload OCI Home Visit package includes:

  • Complete OCI help and guidance from our highly trained staff
  • Fresh OCI application forms completed and double checked.
  • Thorough advice and guidance on which documents are to be included with your OCI Application according to your circumstances.
  • OCI Passport Photos Clicked in the comfort of your home.
  • Digital and printed photos resized to exact specifications.

Your OCI Passport Photo will be printed by us and is included in our fee

How it works is simple:

OCI Home Visit Photo

  • Digital scanning and resizing of your signature or thumb impressions for children under the age of five.
  • Uploaded of all your documents to VFS Global including your OCI application form.
  • Printouts of your OCI completed forms that are required by VFS Global and one copy for your records.
  • 4 printed hard copy OCI photos required for VFS Global which are 2×2 inch (51×51 mm) will be attached.
  • Booking you in at the most convenient VFS Global office at a time that is suitable to you and handling your booking even if you need to change it after we have booked it in.
  • This service can also be used for converting your PIO to an OCI Card.
  • This service can also be used for transferring your OCI to a new passport.
  • This service can also be used for OCI renewal
  • A Full Guarantee that your OCI application will pass first time around or we will refill the whole application again and manage your booking with VFS completely free of charge.


Why Reload OCI for your OCI Card?

Established in 1998 in Paddington, London

Over 2000 applications approved by VFS – GDPR Compliant

Strict procedures & highly trained professional staff to protect your data and guarantee a successful application.

Reload OCI

Only use the Official Reload OCI website. Do not trust imitator websites with your Passport and Personal details. We are a well established business


Please Watch our video on our instore setup in Paddington

Can I get a Discount for more than one OCI Application?

Each additional application after the first will cost £99.99 for a new OCI Application or £79.99 for OCI Renewal or Transfer so why not get your entire family completed at the same time. You save £60 an applicant by doing this.

If you live outside London, we can still help with your OCI application

We cannot make visits outside of London – however, please visit us instore in Paddington in London. If this is too far for you – please fill this our online form out and let us complete everything for you without you needing to visit us.

Please visit this page to learn more about this service – the price is very reasonable starting from £69.99 per applicant:

Reload OCI ONLINE Help

Our home visit offers the maximum convenience for you and is a true VIP, trouble free experience

Document list for your OCI Application

After you have booked an appointment with us – we will let you know which documents you should prepare for your appointment based on your exact circumstances.

This document requirement list varies according to whether you were born in India, your Parents were born in India, or if you have surrendered your Indian Passport yet.

Confusing, we know but we are here to answer all of your questions and to use our expertise to guide you through the whole process. 


OCI Agents in London

Reload OCI is an OCI Agent and we deal with a large number of clients looking for OCI agents in Southall and London.

The VFS office is located at 50, Vista Centre, Salisbury Rd, Hounslow TW4 6JQ.

Reload OCI has the experience that many other OCI agents do not have and our team can handle and advise on many OCI inquiries. After we have completed your OCI application form, we will book you in the VFS office at Hounslow, Goswell or any of their other offices in the UK. 

OCI Photograph specifications

Our staff understand the exact requirements for your OCI photograph and we follow the exact standards prescribed by the Indian High Commission and VFS Global. They have very strict definitions on the OCI visa application and will not accept photos taken from a passport booth.

Specialist OCI photographs (both digital and hard copies) are required for your OCI application.

At Reload OCI our specialist photo equipment and staff training guarantees that our OCI photographs meet VFS’s exacting standards.

OCI Photo

Can I apply for my Pan Card at the same time as my OCI Card?

It makes sense to get your PAN card completed at the same time as your OCI application as this is a very important document for a NRI.

We can fill in your PAN card application forms at the same time as your OCI application forms when we visit you – if you would like this to be done alongside your OCI application, simply make an OCI At Home booking above and reply to the email we send you, letting us know that you would like this – we charge £59.99 extra per applicant.

If you would like to do this, just select the PAN and OCI at Home Package above.

Watch the Video below on how fast and efficient Reload OCI is with dealing with OCI applications.

OCI Card / OCI visa and how to get one

This is the full technical definition of the OCI visa.

The OCI card was introduced by the amendment of the Indian citizenship act 1955, and was introduced in August 2005. It has been a great success with many applications being approved, however, filling in the online forms has proven for some to be a daunting experience. The online portal developed jointly by VFS Global, Indian Visa, OCI, Passport and Consular services centre and the Indian Embassy is a powerful web resource that can process new OCI applications, and even issue and reissue duplicate OCI documents. The OCI online web portal can even change personal particulars, Nationality, name, change of address / occupation and loss and even damage of the OCI registration certificate / visa. However, for some applicants the process has proven to be a little frustrating and Reload Internet is able to help with this. 

How long will the OCI application take to complete following our OCI help session?

That’s a great question. Once the application is submitted to the VFS Global centre, the OCI visa will be issued in approximately 6 to 8 weeks by the High Commission of India. Should you transfer your OCI from an old passport to your new passport this should be completed within 10-12 days.

I have travel plans to India – Can I still apply for an OCI? Is there a Fast Track OCI service?

In short VFS and the Indian High Commission do not suggest that you make travel arrangements until you have received your OCI Visa. However, we normally advise customers to begin the application for an OCI Card ASAP – and should it not arrive in time, we can always proceed by applying for an Indian Tourist Visa which can usually be delivered to you within 5 days.

When applying for an OCI, VFS will usually not hold your Passport for a period longer than 2 weeks.

If your OCI card does not arrive in time then we can apply for an Indian tourist visa. Here is a link to the tourist visa india service from Reload.

How long will VFS hold my passport for when applying for an OCI Card?

When applying for your OCI card, VFS can hold your passport for a period of upto 2 weeks. The whole OCI application will take longer, but you will be able to collect your passport from them after two weeks. This is a new rule as they used to just accept photocopies of your passport but the Indian High Commission changed this rule in mid 2018.

OCI Applications for Minors – Important Notes

If your children are applying and have not reached the legal age i.e. 18 years old, then this is what will be required. This is all included in our At Home OCI application help package, but our staff will ensure that you have:

  • Parental authorisation forms in place.
  • Copies of the Parents UK / Foreign passport or OCI cards.
  • A Copy of the information page of the Parents will also be required – for clarity this is the page in the passport where the passport photo and details (name etc) are clearly shown in the passport.
  • If parents have OCI cards, then copies of both information pages will be required on the OCI card.

People over the age of twenty years old are required to renew their OCI every time a new passport is issued to them.

Is Reload OCI Help Affiliated with the High Commission of India or VFS Global?

Reload Internet is NOT affiliated with the Indian Embassy, High Commission of India or VFS Global.

We provide consultancy services and OCI application form filling help for the OCI and Indian form filling process. We can not offer refunds as we are service based. Our guarantee ensures that we will redo the whole application for you without charge should you be declined for any reason and we are always willing to make right anything that needs doing. We can not be held responsible for the distance travelled or travel expenses. By using our service, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Reload Internet and its staff and no warranties are given.


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