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Reload Internet is a passport photo studio in Paddington, London, and the perfect place to have your Bangladeshi passport photo or visa photo captured, printed and prepared at. Our staff know all the rules and regulations set by the Bangladesh High Commission, and will therefore ensure that your photo meets all of the requirements and is accepted by them. What’s more, we will also print off your Bangladeshi passport photo or visa photo instantly, and aim to have all of our customers passport and visa photographs ready for your application within 5 minutes of your arrival.

Here at Reload Internet we try to accommodate to everyone in need of a Bangladeshi passport photo or visa photo, and that is why we are open every day of the week from early in the morning until late into the evening. Our prices are affordable and we will provide you with a set of 4 Bangladeshi passport or visa photographs, which come with a guarantee to pass at the Bangladesh High Commission.

Watch our video on Bangladeshi passport and visa photographs to learn more information, or to see how quickly we can create yours:

Your Bangladeshi passport photo or visa photo has to meet a strict set of specifications set by the Bangladesh High Commission., and methods such as taking the photograph on a home computer or using an instant photo-booth kiosk will result in your application being declined. Many people find that their application is rejected if they use these methods, and this can cause significant delays that could even affect your travel plans. We are here to help and make sure that doesn’t happen to you, and that your whole application runs smoothly. Clear photos also help to ensure that you don’t run into any difficulties when entering Bangladesh, as border control staff will be able to quickly and easily identify you.

Bangladeshi Passport Photo and Visa Photo specifications:

  • With a Bangladeshi passport application, you must include four photographs, which each measure 50mm x 40mm. With a visa application, you only need to include one photograph. It is recommended that this measures 37mm x 37mm, but photos measuring 45mm x 35mm may also be accepted.

Bangladeshi passport photo

  • Photos have to be as recent as possible – they need to be taken within the last 6 months
  • Any photos which have been taken in a photo booth, or which you have taken yourself, will likely be rejected by the Bangladesh High Commission
  • Photos must be taken against a white background, with no shadows visible anywhere in the picture (None on the applicants face nor the backdrop)
  • 70 – 80% of the photo should be taken up by your face – your head size must be between 35-40mm from top to bottom
  • You must maintain a neutral expression while the photo is being taken, and keep your mouth completely closed. Furthermore, you need to look straight into the camera with your eyes wide open, and keep your head and eye line level
  • You are permitted to wear headwear for religious and medical reasons, but it must not obscure any part of your face from hairline to chin
  • It is advised that you remove your glasses when the photo is being taken. If you do choose to wear them, then the frames of your glasses must not obscure any part of your eyes, and there cannot be any reflections on the lenses
  • Photos must be of the proper brightness and contrast, and may not be digitally altered in any way. If they are found to be altered, then they will be immediately rejected

The photo itself needs to be printed to a high quality on paper with the right finish to it, which we are able to provide here at Reload Internet in Paddington, London.

Should your photo fail to meet any of these requirements, it is likely that it will be rejected, and you will have to start the application process again. With our expert knowledge, we will make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Our specifications are taken directly from the official Bangladesh High Commission’s guidelines on passport and visa photographs, and can be found here.


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