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The OCI card provides the bearer with the right of multiple entry and a life-long visa to India however the OCI application process has strict OCI documents that are required with an online OCI application form to be completed. But the Online application process has proven tricky with a large amount of declined applications.

Reload Internet has provided an online guide below on the OCI Application documents required as each individual circumstance will require different documents, example, whether you are applying for a Fresh OCI application, transferring from a PIO to OCI or even transferring an OCI visa to a new passport.

In case you are having any difficulty – we will be very happy to assist you with the entire process of getting your OCI card, with our Guaranteed OCI pass service. Our specially trained staff can fill in your online OCI form (over the phone or in store) convert your signature and photo digitally into the required OCI application standard, take your oci indian passport photo instore, and even book your a priority appointment to submit your completed form in any of the VFS Indian Embassy of your choosing.

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Documents required for an OCI application

This list is for Applicants who are applying as a fresh new OCI Application and have never previously applied for an OCI card before.

Your parents should be of Indian origin OR your parents are of Indian origin, applying for their son or daughters first OCI card.

Please also ensure if you select this case that you have never applied for a PIO (Person of Indian Origin Card) previously.

Please note some items are optional and may not be applicable for your OCI Application

1. Current valid passport copy
2. Date of Naturalisation Certificate copy (Optional: Only required if you have changed to UK Citizenship )
3. Registration certificate copy (Optional: only required if you have changed to European citizenship)
4. Indian passport surrender certificate copy (Optional: Only required if you have surrendered your Indian Passport)
4.1 Indian Origin Proof (example for UK Citizen, example Birth Certificate that shows your parents names)
5. Copy of OCI card if any members of a family have OCI.
6. Address of where you live in India or your Native place in the UK.
7. Adhaar card number (Optional and if you have one)
8. Copy of Applicants signature (If applicant is not present at the time of application)
9. Spouse passport details. (copy)
10. Marriage registration date.
11. Indian Passport Photo of applicant meeting standards 2″ x 2″ (If applicant is not present at the time of application) If you are applying directly, we will take this of you instore.
12. Letter of employment if applicant is employed.


Lost your Indian Passport and require a Surrender Certificate 

If you have lost your indian passport and require a surrender certificate please follow this link: surrender certificate lost passport


Documents required for an OCI application for a Minor / Child

As well as above OCI Documents in Application 1, you will require the following documents:
1. Birth certificate (In case you are applying for a Minor Applicant)
2. Parents Indian origin proof. Ex: Indian Passport copy/OCI Copy/passport surrender certificate (In case of Minor Applicants).
3. Thumb impression (In case of Minor Applicants).
4. A Current Valid passport for your child


OCI documents required for transfer of your OLD passport OCI to your NEW passport (Passport expiring or Renewal of Passport)

These OCI documents are required for the applicants who are transferring the valid OCI (Overseas Citizen of India Card) from old passport to their newly issued passport.

OCI DOCUMENTS that are required for your OCI Application

1. Current valid passport copy
2. Naturalisation or registration certificate of a British certificate copy
3. Copy of OCI card.
4. Copy of signature (If applicant is not present at the time of application)
5. Thumb impression (In case of Minor Applicants).
6. Photograph of applicant (If applicant is not present at the time of application).


OCI documents required for Transferring PIO to OCI

The reason this can happen is because the PIO VISA will not be accepted in the Indian Embassy, so it is a requirement to transfer your PIO to your OCI. As stated above this list is only for the applicants who are transferring the valid PIO (Person of Indian Origin Card) to OCI (Overseas Citizen of India Card).

OCI Documents that you will require for your OCI Application

1. Current valid passport copy
2. Naturalisation certificate copy
3. Copy of PIO (Person of Indian Origin Card)
4. Copy of signature (If applicant is not present at the time of application)
5. Photograph of applicant (If applicant is not present at the time of application)
6. Spouse OCI card copy (Optional)
7. Adhaar card number (Optional)
8. Address of native place (Optional).


OCI Photo Resize

If you are having trouble resizing your OCI photo and are looking for an OCI Photo resize service, we can do this for you for only £12.99 and you do not need to come to our store. All you have to do is:

  1. Take a photo from your mobile phone of your passport photo. You can use your smart phone to take a photo of it.
  2. Take a photo of your signature on a blank piece of paper.
  3. Email us these two images from your mobile phone to:
    OCI application help


Our staff will then look at the image and send you a guaranteed approved OCI Application image within 2- 3 working hours

For full details of this service please visit:

OCI Document PDF

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OCI Passport Photos – get them snapped in Paddington

Watch the Video on how Reload Internet can snap and process your OCI Passport photos instore while you wait and instantly.



How long will your OCI application take to process?

According to Paddington VFS center and from our experience, the time taken for issue of OCI Card is a minimum 6-8 weeks. It can sometimes take longer.

You must not book your travel plans to Indian before obtaining your OCI card, which is why we recommend using us to assist you with your application. Making mistakes in your OCI application form will result in delays.

The time taken for transferring an OCI Card to a New Passport is the same as for a fresh application.



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