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Our passport photo studio based in Paddington, London is able to produce Greek passport photo and visa photos that are suitable for the new-style Greek passport and visas.

We have a well-equipped professional passport photo studio and our staff have the expertise to be able to provide you with a Greek passport photo or visa photo that will meet all the requirements put in place by the Greek embassy.

We guarantee that the Greek passport photo or visa photo your receive from us will pass at the Embassy. No appointment is needed, our staff are extremely efficient and can have your set of photographs ready within 10 minutes of your arrival at our store.

Without a suitable passport photo, getting a Greek passport is not feasible. The new-style Greek passports are one of the most fraud proof passport styles in the world. This is possible because of the use of biometric data on chips, invisible ink and holograms. To ensure that your Greek passport or visa does not encounter any problems, you must have a Greek passport photo or visa photo that meets all of the requirements and is of true likeness to yourself.

Watch the video below to learn more about the requirements for Greek passport and visa photographs, and to see how quickly we can produce them:

The New Greek passport has some new features which include digital holography, digitally printed photographs and data, a second passport photo which is not visible to the naked eyes but can be viewed under UV light, and ultra-thin plastic sheeting which when replaced is detected with ease.

You must ensure that your Greek passport photo and visa photo meet every single one of the requirements listed below, otherwise your application may be rejected by the Greek Embassy.

Greek Passport Photo specification

  • Your Greek passport photo should measure 60mm x 40mm

Greek passport photo

  • They should not be neither be water coloured or relief. They should be printed on a high quality white photographic paper.
  • The photos for the passport must be recent. If the picture is older than 6 months old, it will not be ideal. This is due to the fact that there could be very pronounced facial changes over a period of 6 months.
  • There should be no other visible image in the photo. Pens, toys, etc. should not be seen
  • The photos should not be produced on inkjet or laser printers. Also, they should not have dots.
  • The distance from the imaginary line which crosses between the eyes to the lower part of the photo should 30mm X 39 mm
  • Ensure the facial features of the person are obvious and clear in relation to the background being used. To achieve this, a white or off-white back ground should be used.
  • The width of the face measuring from the right ear to the left ear should be 20 mm up to 25mm
  • The length of the face starting from the top of the head to the jaw should be between 31 mm and 35 mm.
  • When taking Greek passport photos, ensure the photo shows the natural colour of the face and is clear.
  • The face should be completely visible, the photo should show the structure of the head from ear to ear and from the forehead to the jaw.
  • The photos should be analyzed at about 1200 dpi.
  • When taking a Greek passport photograph, smiles and other facial expressions are forbidden. A neutral expression is ideal
  • The person being photographed should look straight at the camera.
  • Wearing of glasses is not permitted. This is because when glasses are worm while taking pictures, the frame of the glass tends to cover the facial features of the person being photographed.
  • If you interested in getting a Greek passport photo and you have a health problem, your face can be covered with your medical certificate.
  • Covering of the head is allowed if you must do so as a result of your religion. While covering the head. Please ensure the face is completely visible. The jaw and the forehead must be left uncovered.
  • When taking passport photos for babies, please ensure that the baby is well rested. This will make the photograph session stress free for both mother and child.
  • It is important to take a series of photos when snapping babies, this will enable you to choose a very suitable photo.
  • If the baby is too small to stay on his own, lay him/her on a flat surface with a white cloth spread over it.

If your Greek passport photo or visa photo fails to meet any of the specifications listed above then it is highly likely that your application will be rejected by the Embassy when you go to submit it. To avoid this visit a professional passport photos studio in london, like Reload Internet.

Our specifications are taken from the Greek Embassy’s guidelines on passport and visa photographs which you can see here.

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