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Pan Card help service – express service – based in Paddington, London – we take care of the whole process

We have been offering OCI help from our Paddington Branch with great success and we have literally assisted thousands of clients obtain their PAN cards instore.

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Reload Pan card and OCI help service has been featured and interviewed on Sunrise Radio. We are a trusted London Based Company.

We provide a simple and fast solution to obtain your PAN card number at a low price.

Our fee is £59.99 that includes everything that is required for your Pan Card application including the Pan Card photo which is a very unique size and we will do this at express speed.

Reload Pan card help service

As you know, during Lockdown our store is closed in Paddington and you can use our simple and fast Remote Pan card express service and we can complete your PAN card application remotely, and post your documents to your house securely for your pan card.
For your PAN CARD PHOTO you will only have to take a photo of yourself from your mobile phone at home against any wall in your house and email that photo us. We will then convert it and print it in our fully equipped photo studio
You will receive your PAN card in 4 – 6 weeks after we complete your PAN CARD application.

The total cost of using Reload for your PAN card is:

£59.99 – Our fee, for all pan card application formalties, printing, and PAN passport photos as well as all digital uploads
Government fee (approximately £10)
Postage fee to your home: £4.99

Tto begin with our EXPRESS PAN CARD REMOTE SERVICE – Please email us NOW: help@nullreloadinternet.com

After you email us, we will send you a payment link and a document list of requirements for your PAN card application and we can begin your application.
PAN card for NRI

We are an established UK business established since 1998 and we are based in a physical location in Paddington. We have been at our Paddington Location for over 20 years and we are surprised to find many international companies, or those companies without a fixed location, targeting UK citizens and we always recommend being very careful if you decide to use these services.

Sending sensitive documents abroad can be a nerve racking experience and our prices are very reasonably so you really do not have to deal with international companies if you do not want to.

Do not take the risk. Use Reload for your Pan card help or OCI help and we will guide you through the process securely and in the right way and our fee also includes your PAN card photos, which you can not obtain from a photo kiosk.

Our service includes a complete no-fuss guaranteed pass Pan card service where a specially trained member of staff will be on hand to personally to in your PAN application online instore and advise you on which documents are required for your OCI application.
  • We will assist you in selecting the right documents for your PAN card application
  • We will upload, scan in your documents and resize them, digitise your signature and PAN card photo that we take for you instore.
Pan Card photos are a special size and we will print and cut these in our special studio for you included in our fee. All we will require is a mobile phone photo of you against a wall at home, and we will make it compliant to the Indian PAN card standards – Great if you are not looking to leave your home for unnecessary travel.
  • The pan card photo is 3.5cm x 2.5cm photo with a white background
  • The pan card photo is 35mm x 25mm with a white background

We normally charge £14.99 just for the Pan card Photos – but we have included this in the price of our Pan Card application. Other companies will ask you to obtain these photos from a studio like ours and what was suddenly a reasonable price can quickly become more expensive, add the hassle of dealing with an internatiional company. You are better of choosing Reload in London, your trust is our success.


Want to visit us in Paddington? PAN Card Express application help at Reload Internet?

We can complete your Pan Card Application in our store in Paddington.


Please call us on 0207 193 9293 if you have any questions on our Pan Card help service


Reload OCI Help


Why choose Reload OCI for Pan Card Application?

Established in 1998, Convenient Central London Location, GDPR Compliant

Covid 19 Safety Procedures in place

Strict procedures & highly trained professional staff to protect your data and guarantee a successful application.

HSBC Start up awards London Finalist in 2006

Reload OCI

Do not trust imitator websites with your Passport and Personal details.


Please watch the video on how we can assist you with your Pan card Application:


After you have made a booking below, visit our store in Paddington and we will fill in all of your forms for you, while you wait. We will also take your pan card photo for you instore, print out all of your forms, and we will take care of the entire process for you.

WE ARE NOW OFFERING EXPRESS REMOTE SERVICE DURING LOCKDOWN – NO VISIT REQUIRED Please email us NOW if you wish to begin: help@nullreloadinternet.com

We will walk you through which documents are required for your PAN card application based upon your circumstances. Using Reload Internet in Paddington for your PAN Card Application will ensure that your Pan card application will not fail and we operate a guaranteed pass service*


PAN card for OCI holders and NRIs

A PAN (Permanent Account Number) is now mandatory for all NRIs (non-resident Indian) that require to open a bank account in india, file a return, or even for those NRIs looking to to carry out a financial transaction in India. The quoting of a PAN is now compulsory.

The process for obtaining a PAN can sometimes be confusing for NRIs based in the UK as your PAN Application has to provide certain documents while applying for a PAN, which are specific to your requirements and getting any of the questions wrong or failing to submit a document will result in a decline.

The fees of obtaining a PAN card in the UK are roughly Rs 1000, which includes application fees and dispatch charges after the Indian High Commission has looked over your application and these fees may be paid through debit/credit card.

Two Pan card Photographs will be pasted in the Pan card application form and this is also included in our £59.99 charge.

The Indian Embassy have very strict definitions on the PAN card Photo and/or OCI visa application and they will not accept Photos taken from a UK passport Kiosk booth. You will require specialist PAN passport photos (hard copies and digitised) that meet the standards set by them – and we are equipped to provide these for you instore.

PAN Passport photos specifications include the background colour, size of Indian passport photo, and EVEN the angle of the face as you look at the camera. A kiosk can not help with this, and we have seen many OCI and PAN applicants fail as a result of errors in applications or non-qualifying passport photos.

Pan Card help instore

  • Our service includes a complete no-fuss guaranteed pass Pan card service where a specially trained member of staff will be on hand to personally fill in your PAN application online instore.
  • We will assist you in selecting the right documents for your PAN card application
  • We will upload, scan in your documents and resize them, digitise your signature and PAN card photo that we take for you instore.

Our clients have seen how effectively we have been able to do this and many people have travelled from all over the UK to visit our Paddington Branch.

Pan Card Photo Requirements

At Reload Internet we know the exact requirements for the Pan Card photo and best of all we have the equipment required to create it.

  • The pan card photo is 3.5cm x 2.5cm photo with a white background
  • The pan card photo is 35mm x 25mm with a white background

We charge £14.99 for four pan card photos but they are included in our £59.99 Pan card application help service instore. So why wait book a Pan Card appointment today with us using the calendar above.


OCI application help?

Did you know Reload Internet can provide you OCI help and we have assisted many customers from all over the UK navigate through the somewhat complicated OCI Visa portal application forms from our convenient location in Paddington.

Why not give us a call or book an appointment through us for your OCI application?

Watch the video and walk through on our OCI help process


PAN card Photo Specifications

Take a look at our follow this link to see the Pan Card photo specifications and we can click and print these instore whilst you wait and we charge £14.99 for Qty: 4 (hard copy) photos. This is included in your Pan card application above.


or please watch this video on an indian passport photo below:


Is Reload Internet Affiliated with the Indian Embassy or VFS Global in Paddington? What we do and some of our terms.

Reload Internet is NOT affiliated with the PAN Indian Embassy or VFS Global in Paddington. We provide consultancy services and OCI application form filling help for the OCI, Pan card and Indian form filling process. We can not offer refunds as we are service based. We are always happy to make right anything that needs doing. We can not be held responsible for the distance travelled or travel expenses. By using our service, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Reload Internet and its staff and no warranties are given.



So book an appointment today for OCI application help. 


* Guarantee refers to us redoing the application free of charge should you fail – we are not responsible for lost mail and you must ensure that your mail is sent recorded and tracked. This is a non-refundable service. £10 booking fee is required to secure a booking at Reload and send you the document list requirements.