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Ireland Passport Photo

At Reload Internet, we specialise in Irish (Eire) Passport and Visa Photos for Ireland. 

Passport applications are usually refused due to quality issues of photographs. The Staff at Reload Internet in Paddington understand the exacting requirements for Ireland and can produce great quality passport photos, with no appointment needed and we can create your photos instantly. 

Watch the Video on how Reload Internet can get your Irish Passport Photos snapped and printed instantly. 

Why You Should Chose Reload Internet for your Irish Passport and Visa Photos?

We only Charge £9.99 for 6 quantities of Ireland Passport photo.

There are a number of reasons why our services are the best. This is why we can provide photos for passports of any country.

  • While-You-Wait Service
  • Personalised Services
  • Full Knowledge of All Applicable Rules and Regulations for Photos
  • Preview the Image for Approval


Irish Passport Photo Requirements

Dimensions of the Passport Photo: The photo have to show your complete face and your shoulders in a way that your face covers about 70% to 80% of the frame and the size of the photo must be 35mm by 45mm and a maximum of 38mm by 50mm

 Irish Passport Photo


Lighting and Focus

  • Photos has to be very clear with good focus and broadly exposed
  • Shadows of the head must not show in the background
  • It’s important you maintain perfect color balance and neutral skin look
  • Ensure that there is no red eye in the photograph
  • There must be a clear difference between the face and the background
  • High resolution with a good paper quality must be used in printing the image

Photo Quality

  • There should be no trace of stains or scratches in the photo
  • There should be no digital editing or modifications
  • The back side of the photos must be white and not colored or shiny
  • Colored photos are acceptable but black and white photos are more preferable because they are printed digitally onto black and white passport.

Children in Passport Photos

  • Kids or children who are unable to hold up in the camera should be snapped lying down on a white plain or platform.
  • Ensure that the arms used to hold the child does not display on the photo because no other person should be seen in the photo

The do’s and dont’s behind a good Passport Photo

  • We will position your head in the middle of the photo
  • we will ensure that you are looking straight into the camera
  • We will ensure your hair is not covering your eyes, for your eyes has to be detectable by the camera
  • We will Snap on a plain background, preferably light colored background.
  • We will ensure every part of your face is clearly visible
  • We will ensure that you do not bend or change the straight position of your head
  • We will ensure there is no obvious make-up on your face, it’s better to snap with your natural look
  • We will ensure that you do not open your mouth or close your eyes while taking a camera shot
  • We will ensure that you do not laugh or smile


We charge £9.99 for 6 quantities of Ireland Passport photo.


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