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Get your Indian Passport using our Indian Passport Renewal Application help service. We take care of every aspect of obtaining your new passport with a guaranteed pass service.

It can be difficult to understand the Indian government’s confusing and frustrating online Indian Passport Renewal Application seva forms. This is where Reload is able to help. We are highly experienced, having completed thousands of successful applications with the Indian government.

Our experienced staff take care of all the worry and frustration by dealing with your entire Indian Passport application from start to finish, including advising which documents are required, scanning, resizing and taking care of all document uploads for your Indian Passport Renewal Application – and we will even handle your booking appointment with VFS at any center in the UK.

We Specialise in every type of Indian Passport Renewal Application:

  • First Indian Passport Application (For newborns) & Birth Registration Certificate For New Born / First Indian Passport
  • Change in Passport Personal Particulars
  • Indian Passport due to expire or has expired in the past 12 months
  • Old Indian Passport expired more than 3 years ago
  • Exhaustion of pages – if you have travelled the world and used up your pages, we can help you get a new Indian Pasport.
  • Damaged Indian Passport
  • Lost Indian Passport

Reload offers a guaranteed pass service*



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Indian Passport Renewal

Why choose Reload for your Indian Passport Renewal instead of doing it yourself? We are up to date with all of the rules and regulations and even missing one document or an incorrect upload to VFS will result in a failed Indian Passport Renewal and a wasted day at VFS. Reload will get you through all the regulatory hurdles. Book an appointment to visit us today

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What documents do I require for my Indian Passport Renewal Application?

After you have booked an appointment with us we will email you the exact documents list that you will require for your Indian Passport application. The document requirement list varies according to the type of passport application you require.

Do I need a Police Clearance Certificate for Indian Passport Renewal?

You will require a police verification form for Indian Passport renewals. This form contains your personal details and a photograph and will need to be submitted along with your Passport Application.

Additionally you will need to fill an Annexure E and VFS declaration form which we will provide.

We include police verification in our Passport Renewal service.

Indian Passport Renewal Photo Size and Specifications

50mm x 50mm and it is included in our indian passport help service. Reload Internet will ensure that the Indian Passport Photo we provide you will match the Indian Embassy Regulations that include:

Indian passport photo

  • The photograph which will be in colour, will be of  a size of 2 inches x 2 inches (50 mm x 50 mm) and printed on the highest grade photo paper available.
  • We use Canon Cameras instore which ensure that your face in the photo will be the most clearest and have continuous-tone quality.
  • We use an Indian Passport Approved background which is plain white as preferred by the Indian Embassy.
  • Your Head coverings will be permitted if it is for a religious reason – this means – Turbines are allowed, as well as hijabs – BUT we will ensure that your ears do show.


Birth Registration Certificate For New Born / First Indian Passport passport photo size

35mm x 35mm with a grey background. This size is a requirement for Birth Registration Certificate For New Born / First Indian Passport and we include this photo with our service.

Indian Passport Photo for Minor, Infants or Children

At Reload Internet, we can take your child’s photograph and create a lasting memorable Indian Passport Photo that will also meet all of the Indian Embassies requirement for Infant Indian Passport Photos. These include:

  • We will try to photograph your baby with her/his eyes open. If it is not possible, the Indian Embassy allows under one year olds to keep their eyes closed in the Indian Passport Photo, so we do not have to unnecessarily disturb your child whilst taking his/her passport photo.

It is important to understand that for babies and infants the rules are somewhat relaxed and the position of the face, the facial expression, the eyes and the line of sight do not have to match the stringent guidelines mentioned above – so you can rest assured, that we have your best interests taken care of.

  • Children under ten years of age – please take it from us – as we have read the rule book from the Indian Embassy, the requirements are somewhat relaxed in regards to height of the face, position of the eyes in the Indian passport photographs.
  • A frontal photograph with clarity is required for children.
  • The Indian Passport photos we take of your child will always be alone and will not have the backs of your hands showing, and our staff have a few tricks to have your infant or child look at the camera with a neutral expression with his/her mouth closed.
  • Photographs are always taken with a Canon digital camera, with high quality colour.

Why choose Reload for your Indian Passport Renewal Application?

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Is Reload Affiliated with the High Commission of India or VFS Global?

Reload Internet is NOT affiliated with the Indian Embassy, High Commission of India or VFS Global.

Indian Passport Renewal

We provide consultancy services and Indian Passport application form filling help for the Indian Passport and OCI form filling process. We can not offer refunds as we are service based. Our guarantee ensures that we will redo the whole application for you without charge should you be declined for any reason and we are always willing to make right anything that needs doing. We can not be held responsible for the distance travelled or travel expenses. By using our service, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Reload Internet and its staff and no warranties are given.

This service is owned and operated by Atomic Internet Limited

* Should you fail for any reason, or should VFS require more documents from you, we will redo the whole application for you without charge