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Our store in Paddington can instantly print your Chinese passport photo for your Chinese Passport application or Chinese Visa application. Our Chinese Passport Photos are guaranteed to meet the guidelines set forth by the Chinese Embassy.

Watch the video on how Reload Internet can print your Chinese passport photos instantly:

We have over 10 years experience in printing Chinese passport photo and can ensure that your photo will meet the guidelines set forth by the Chinese Embassy.


Chinese passport photo specifications


Chinese Passport Photo

Chinese Passport photo specifications

– Overall Size: 48mm x 33mm
– Head Height: 28mm to 33mm
– Head Width: 21mm to 24mm
– While or Light Blue Background Only

The passport will be valid for 10 years when issued to people age 16 and above.


Chinese Visa Photo Specifications 

It should be noted that Chinese visa and Chinese passport photo are unique and different compared to many other countries.

– Chinese passport photo: 48mm x 33mm
– Head Height for Passport Photo: 28mm to 33mm
– Head Width for Passport Photo: 21mm to 24mm
– White or Blue Background is Required

Official Specifications that Reload Internet follows from the Chinese Embassy can be seen official link here and here is the official PDF version issued by the Chinese Embassy for Chinese Passport Photos (official link) and Chinese Visa Photos

You cannot wear a hat or obscure your face in any manner for the visa photo to be accepted. Keep in mind that there is no recognition of dual nationality. This means that if a Chinese national has settled in another country and has acquired the nationality of another nation, they will automatically lose their Chinese nationality. So, a non-Chinese national is not eligible when applying for a Chinese passport or similar travel documents.

China is an ancient country filled with many attractions both historic and natural which manages to draw in millions of tourists and visitors every year. China’s passport and visa requirements have changed in recent years due to the growing concern over security. Today, China does comply with new biometric standards, yet they also have strict requirements over the photos used which means that there have been plenty of rejections.

If you are looking for another Country or would like to see the specifications of any passport photo in the World, please follow the link.

Order Online

If you are unable to make it to our photography studio, you can email use a suitable photo so we can format it to the right specifications. We can then email or post your Chinese passport photo back to you. We accept PayPal and you do not need an account with us to make an order.

*Note: Only order a digital copy if your country supports online visa and passport applications.

Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that your Chinese passport photo will receive the photos correctly sized to the specifications that are required. This means that your Chinese passport photo will not be rejected on the grounds that they do not fit the proper specifications. If they are not accepted because of an error on our part, you will get the full purchase price returned to you, but we will require some evidence from the Embassy that they have declined your application due to our Chinese passport photo. They usually do stamp photos incorrect with their official stamp.

Do not take chances in submitting photos for your passport or visa on your own. If they are not correct, your application will be rejected which will cause additional expenses and delays.