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Reload Internet in Paddington can snap and print Passport photos for France and French Visa Photos while you wait instore with no appointment needed – just pop in. We charge £9.99 for a set of 6 photos for French Passport photos and these are also valid as French Visa Photos.

We are well equipped to photograph and print passport photos for every Country in the World and we are not limited to Passport photos from France.

French Passport photos and French Visa photos requirements

The requirements for a French passport are strict and if the conditions of the French Embassy are not met, they face being rejected entirely. Your application will require at least 2 copies of your French Passport photos and they must be recent photos (less than 6 months old) and with a specific size of 3.5cm x 4.5cm which is what Reload Internet will exactly print for you.

Passport photo France requirement

Passport photo France requirement

All French passport photos printed instore from Reload Internet will ensure that you are clearly visible within the main frame of the photograph and this is achieved through using high megapixel canon cameras, lighting and French Embassy approved photograph printing terminals.

Reload Internet will ensure that the size of your head in the french passport photo will be within the 3cm guideline on the photograph itself. Our specially trained staff will also ensure that your ears are shown, your skin colour is printed as normal and the background of the photograph will be plain in colour and the passport photo itself will be a high quality photograph of you.

We do recommend removing your glasses and any headwear which could be difficult for identification purposes and French Passport photos do not allow traditional wear in this case.

Reload Internet will ensure that your eyes shown will not be red in colour as this is a strict decline and we will also ensure that your hair is tucked behind your ears.

If you are not going to using a Professional passport photo service like Reload Internet, you need to consider all of these specifications before you apply for your passport in France. There are online passport photo companies that can process your photos online for you however, they will not check your photos according to the specifications for the French passport – please consider this as rejections by the French Embassy are costly.

Reload Internet provides a money back guarantee with all Passport photos that we print instore as long as you are able to return the photos back to us, and provide the stamp on your paperwork that shows decline. We can also rephotograph and reprint the French passport photos if you fail. Whatever works best for you.

Interesting facts about France and Paris

If you want to travel to France as your dream destination so that you can visit the beautiful sites such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, then you will need to consider what form of identification you will need to get there – The staff at Reload Internet are able to assist you if you need there help in this area.

Not only have you got the marvels of Paris, but you have places like Lille which is another city in France which is in Northern France near the border of Belgium. It is plentiful with culture, different types of French cuisine and astounding architecture such as the historic centre and the cobbled streets.

France has a large trade with different countries all over the world and there is a large number of tourists that travel to France every year because of its popularity. There are some amazing and beautiful beaches such as St. Tropez in the summer months and skiing and snowboarding to be enjoyed in the winter months in the French Alps.


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