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We sell prepaid mobile sim cards and mobile internet data sim cards (cellular data sims in London), cheap mobile phones and prepaid top-up and credit for your smartphone or cellular phone.

We also offer Mobile Data packages of Sim cards – just place them in your mobile and surf the web at high speeds using 4G. We sell sim cards that will provide you low cost international calls to call UK to Europe.

We also sell Sim cards that can be used in the UK, and also can be used in Europe.

Save a bundle on roaming charges, and let us offer you the best package that suits your requirements whether you are a Tourist, Resident or Travelling business person.

We even sell disposable cheap mobile phones instore that start from £29.99. Watch the video on all of the prepay sim cards that we sell in our store in Paddington.


Cheap Mobile Phones and Smartphones available

As well as offering the latest mobile sim cards, we can also sell you a cheap mobile phone, or smart phone in case your current smart phone is locked to your Country. We have a wide variety of mobile phones instore, and all of our Mobile phones we sell instore will be totally sim-free and ready to use in any Country in the World as well as the UK!

Pay as you go mobile sim cards including Vodafone, Lycamobile, Lebara, and Three

We stock all sim cards that are available in the UK. Best of all, our friendly, knowledgeable staff will offer you the best package and also:

  1. Install the sim card into your phone,
  2. Insert the mobile credit,
  3. Ensure you have selected the right top-up package that we have agreed to and also,
  4. Ensure that you walk out with your Data and Internet working which means that even your APN settings on your smartphone will be set by us. We take the time to solve everything for you – and yes this means making sure you are connected to WatsApp before leaving.
  5. No one else in Paddington, or even London can offer this level of service.

All of the Prepaid mobile sim cards that we sell instore can be used for data and talk and once you have exhaust your mobile credit you can pop back into Reload Internet and top-up your mobile phone or visit a local mobile store anywhere in the UK to topup.

Prepaid Sim Cards and Data Sim Cards across All Networks

Reload internet offers mobile prepaid sim cards, the cheapest pay as you go bundles, data sim cards and many others. It is really great that prepaid cards are available these days and it has a lot of advantages over Roaming for Tourists and Travelling business people. No ID is required to purchase a Sim Card, and Reload Internet even sells offline mobile phone if required or if your cell phone is locked to its network. With Reload internet, we are confident that we will assist you to choose the right UK mobile network – be it:

Three network

There are many networks to choose from in the UK and each network will have their own host of top-up packages. With Reload, we can go through each network’s tariffs with you, and help you choose the right one for you.

All of our of our mobile and data prepaid sim cards will work with just about any handset on the market (so long as it is “unlocked”) and this gives you a wide and broad range of choices.

Where you do not have an unlocked mobile phone, the staff at Reload will be happy to offer you a low cost GSM cell phone and prepaid sim card which will work perfectly together and can be bought from our store in Paddington. We sell some of the trendiest smart phones instore even if you are on a budget.

Business users travelling to London and staying in the Hilton Paddington will also benefit from using a Prepaid Mobile Sim card as Roaming charges can be exorbitant and Reload offers a quick and fast service to ensure you pick the right Mobile talk and data package for your prepaid sim card.

Avoid ‘Bill-shock’

As our staff have seen all too often, Bill-Shock, when a traveler returns home is all too common. Bill-shock is the shock that travelers get when they receive a bill that is unexpected, and is often associated with people using their home contract sim card whilst roaming overseas.

Unregulated data usage from your smart phone can give you a bill shock – and your smartphone can end up costing you your home – maybe even your sanity. You would certainly not be the first person in the World where your Android or Apple smartphone has gone on a Data Binge whilst you were travelling to London – stealthily racking you up 10’s of thousands of pounds in Roaming Charges as it downloads its owns updates.

Regulate your smartphones addiction to data – by visiting Reload Internet and Prepaying for all your Data and talk time!

Cheap International calls on Prepay Mobile Sim cards

The fact that you pay up front before making calls means that your calling rates will be very cheap especially to international calls. As an example, calls to USA can cost as little as 2p a minute on a Prepaid international sim card! Best of all, Reload Internet can even offer you advice on Prepaid Mobile sim cards that will work in Europe if you are planning a trip to France for example!

The Validity on Prepay Mobile Sim Cards

This is really dependent on each prepaid sim card and mobile data network. However as a rule of thumb, credit will last for 30 days and incoming calls for 6 months.

Incoming calls are free on Prepay sim cards

All prepaid mobile sim cards in the UK offer you free incoming calls from anywhere in the World. Using your home contract sim card on roaming in the UK will mean that that you may have to pay to receive incoming calls and will be yet another contributing factor to potential bill shock when you get home.

Reload Internet even sells international prepaid sim card that will work in European countries that you travel to – where you will not have to pay any money to receive calls and you can reload your prepaid sim card and data sim card at many locations in Europe – which means significant savings for you.

If you are travelling to the United Kingdom as a tourist for a short or medium span, please pop into Reload Internet and have a chat with us. We will point you in the right direction to purchasing the right prepaid sim card for making calls and browsing the internet with mobile data.

You won’t regret it – it always is a relaxing feeling knowing that you have a prepaid sim card in hand and that you are avoiding future bill shock.




Video Directions to get your Prepay Mobile Simcards in London, Paddington