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At Reload, we offer OCI Photo and signature resize upload help and assistance our customers having trouble resizing their OCI photo or OCI signature or OCI thumb print to the specifications of Section B of the OCI application form.

Resize OCI Photo and Signature Service 

1. Simply take a photo from your mobile phone of your passport photo (see image below

2. Take a photo of your OCI signature (signed on a blank A4 Paper) from your mobile phone

3: Email us your images from your phone

4: We will then email you back your resized OCI passport photo and signature image (or OCI thumb print signature) with a guarantee that they will meet the VFS exact standards. 

At Reload OCI we can even upload your OCI photo and signature directly to your OCI Application form.

Just supply us your OCI temporary ID number and consider it done!


Resize your Picture photo and signature for your OCI 

Just email us your photo and signature to us now. We are waiting to assist you.

Email us

We offer a same day OCI resize service and guarantee the images we send you for your OCI application.

We even go so far as to remove shadows from both your OCI photo and Signature / thumb print signature included in our fee (if need be) as these would ordinarily cause your OCI application to be declined by the VFS.


OCI Photo Resize and Upload to your OCI application service – how it works

Step 1
Take a Photo of your Indian Passport Photo from your phone or Digital Camera

OCI Photo Resize

Step 2

Sign your signature on a blank sheet of A4 paper

OCI application signature

Take a photo of your signature or thumbprint from your smart phone.

OCI Application Signature Thumbprint


Step 3

Email us your images to:

Email us


Resize your OCI photo and OCI Signature or Thumbprint

  1. After you have emailed us the images we will look at your images free of charge and reply to you within a few hours to confirm that we can resize them.
  2. We will send you a payment link for £12.99 for the resizing of your OCI Photo and signature / thumprint.
  3. We will then email you your resized OCI photo and OCI signature ready for you to upload directly to your OCI Application form with a guarantee they will be approved.
  • We can upload both OCI images directly to your OCI application – just let us know when you email us. We charge £5 extra to do this.


OCI Photo Resize Template

This is a sample of an OCI photo we resized. This photo was taken from a standard mobile phone and emailed to us. Another satisfied client 🙂

OCI Application Photo requirement


OCI Signature or OCI Thumbprint resize help  

Here is a Before and After of an OCI signature that we worked on which shows the importance of getting your images completed professionally. With Reload OCI you can trust that we will get the images resized for you professionally and we stand by our work.


oci signature resize problems


Picture resize and signature resize service for OCI applications worldwide

If you are having trouble with your OCI photo and OCI Signature upload, watch our video on how we can resize your OCI Photo and OCI signature image for you.


OCI Application Help for your entire OCI application?

Reload Internet provides OCI application help instore and we charge £59.

Why not let us take care of your entire OCI application from you, from filling Section A and Section B, to advising you on which documents are required for your OCI application to uploading your images and documents?

We even go so far as to resize your documents and manage your booking with VFS.

Complete your entire OCI application costs and we provide a guarantee that you will pass or we will redo the whole OCI application again. leave the stress of getting your OCI card to us. We have dealt with hundreds of satisfied clients in store.

Make a Booking to visit us Instore for your complete OCI Application

If you can not come to Reload in Paddington we offer OCI online help – fill in a few forms and email us the documents. Its £49 and here is the link: OCI help over email


OCI Photo resize digital file specifications

The standards required are very strict and uploading incorrect images onto your OCI application form will result in a decline even if everything else has been filled in correctly in your OCI Application. Even a Single shadow on the background image can result in a decline and a wasted day at the VFS Immigration office. At Reload Internet we will ensure that the images we resize for you match VFS published dimensions:

  • JPG format
  • OCI Applicant Photo will be 200 pixels width x 200 pixels height upto the maximum dimensions of 900 pixels width x 900 pixels height
  • We will remove shadows (if present)
  • Guaranteed approval.

OCI Signature and Thumbprint resize requirements

  • JPG format
  • OCI Signature or Thumprint image will have a aspect ratio of 1:3 – so the minimum dimensions will be 200 pixels x 67 pixels or the maximum dimensions will be 900 pixels width x 300 pixels height.
  • We will remove shadows (if present)
  • Guaranteed approval.

Reload Internet always follows the exact photo requirements as set forth by the VFS Global and Indian High Commission so you do not need to worry.

For any questions please email us on:

Email us