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Get your Canadian Passport Photo and your Candian Visa photos snapped, processed and printed in our in our professional passport photos studio in Paddington, London – while you wait with no appointment necessary. Our Store is called “Reload Internet” and we are based opposite Paddington Station and the London Hilton Paddington. 

Canadian Passport Photo London

Getting your Canadian Passport Photo (or Canadian Visa Photo) snapped and printed in London can be a daunting experience.However, if you choose to visit Reload Internet, a professional Canadian Photo Studio, you can rest assured that we are one of only handful of passport photo studios in London that are able to create Embassy Approved Passport photos for Canada.

You may already be aware of this, but a Canadian Passport photo can not be printed from a Photo booth or Photo Kiosk in Paddington or in London. You need a specialist like Reload Passport Photos.

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We understand the requirements and unique sizes required for Canadian Passport photos and we custom print these photos regularly instore. Please remember, Photo Booths and Kiosks can not print Canadian Passport Photos – you need a specialist and at Reload Internet, our Staff are trained to handle the unique size requirements for Canadian Passport Photo.

Canadian passport photo specification

The requirements for Canadian passport photos are mentioned in the official rules and regulations that govern how many, the type, and clarity they must present of the subject. There are also strict guidelines for the procedure used to reproduce the photos as well.


Canadian passport photo

Canadian passport photo requirements

  • Two Identical Color or Black and White Photographs from the Same File
  • Maximum Size: 50mm x 70mm
  • High Quality Photographic Paper

Photos that are produced on heavy weight paper is unacceptable.
There are no stick-on labels allowed and there must be enough space for the applicant’s name, the signature of the guarantor, and the declaration below the address of the photographer.

Canadian Passport Photos London

Over the years, Canada has proven to be one of the most popular places in the world to visit and work. This is particularly true for those from the US, Mexico, Central and South America, and Europe who have sent millions of people into Canada for tourism, immigration, and work-related projects. It’s little wonder that Canada has one of the strictest passport requirements in the world. This extends to Canadian passport photos which must meet high standards in order to be approved by the Canadian government.

Canadian Passport photo Subject Requirements

The subject in the photo must be clearly presented in a mug or face-only representation so that a clear identification can be made. This means that if the person is wearing glasses, it cannot obscure the eyes or face of the subject. In addition, the person should present a neutral expression with no teeth showing and no shadow that appears on the face or the background as it will cause the subject not to be clearly presented in the photo.
In addition, the measurement from the chin to the crown of the head in the photo must be from 31mm to 36mm. Plus, there are to be no head coverings unless there is a religious reason and even then the face must be clearly presented. The subject will need to stand in front of a white or light colored background as per the rules for Canadian passport photo.

Canadian Visa Photo

The Canadian passport photo frame should be 35mm x 45mm showing the full frontal view of the head and face placed in the middle of the photograph itself. The overall size of the head chin to crown or top of the head must be from 31mm to 36mm. It is required that two identical color or black and white photographs taken within the past six months are to be provided to the Canadian authorities that oversee passports along with the application.

The photographs of the subject need to be taken with a white or light colored background to ensure clarity. Plus, they need to be printed on high quality photographic paper. A neutral face expression is required which mean no smiling, frowning, or the showing of teeth. Glasses are permissible as long as the lenses and frame do not obscure the face in any meaningful way. This means that sunglasses are not allowed for Visa or passport photographs. A head covering is only permissible if it does not cover or obscure the face in any way and that it is for religious reasons.
Canadian Citizenship Passport Photos.

The requirements for this type of photo are similar to the Visa and standard Canadian passport photo with just a few differences. The requirement is for two identical photos to be presented that have a matt finish when applying for citizenship to Canada.

– Frame Size: 35mm x 53mm
– Image Size: 35mm x 43mm

The 10mm blank space below the image is for the signature to authenticate the photo being used. In addition to the matt finish, the photo will need a stamp or the written information of the photographer’s name, date of photo, and their address for verification purposes.

Canadian Immigration Photo Requirements

The requirements for immigration photographs are substantially different when compared to standard Canadian passport photo. First and foremost the photographs must be taken on negative film which is unlike the digital or electronic versions that have become quite popular today. In addition, there are several other rules and regulations that govern immigration photos.

– Photo must show full view of subject’s head and top of the shoulders
– The head and shoulders must be centrally aligned
– Photo background must be plain white only, no light colors allowed
– Photo must include date which it was taken and date of birth of the subject
– Frame Size: 35mm x 45mm
– Distance from Chin to Crown of Head: 25mm to 35mm

In addition, each set of the photographs must be enclosed in separate envelopes that include the name of the family members involved, date of birth, and their specific relationship to the subject written on the appropriate envelope. For example, a person immigrating to Canada with their mother and father must have a separate set of photographs for each along with the required information. Plus, each family member’s photos and information must be in separate envelopes that include the relationship they have to the main person (i.e. Father or Mother). Also, the envelope which has the information must be closed by a paper clip and the photo itself must not be scratched, bent, stapled, or have any mark or stain of any type.
When it comes to the rules and regulations that govern Canadian passport photos as well as photos for Visa, citizenship, and immigration purposes, it is very important that the photos themselves fit the requirements. Failure to produce photos that fit the actual requirements may subject the person to a delay in entering the country until such requirements are met.

Be sure to contact the appropriate authorities before attempting to enter the country. The Government of Canada have very strict standards on Canadian Passport photo specifications, and Reload Internet passport photo policy is in line with these exacting standards.


Canadian passport photo prints in London


Canadian passport photo

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