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We offer both businesses and students thesis binding, document binding or dissertation binding as well as a low cost printing service in London. Our Binding service will match any business or University specification.

We offer hard binding, thermal binding or thermal binding. We do not use plastic bind wire, instead we specialize in metal bind wire, which allows documents to be opened 360 degrees.

Our front and back covers are hand picked by us to ensure that your reports and documents look stunning and professional. After all binding is the final touch to your document or presentation. Do not let your hard work down, by choosing the wrong type of store that will not care  for your document.

Thermal binding is now available, and we can print your presentation or documents in colour or black and white in store, or if you already have printed documents, we can offer document binding for this.

You can email us your document before hand, OR pop in with a USB stick, or download your document from your email using one of our computer terminals, and we can assist you with ensuring that your documents are printed in LASER quality, in colour or black and white.

As you would expect, we also stock the finest A4 Paper – and we have the best range of options available to you. Our aim is to be the one stop place in London for all of your Printing and Binding Needs.


We also offer a Laminating service in case you need that – please call us with anything you require.


What You Need to Know About Thermal Binding for Dissertations and Thesis Binding

When it comes to having your thesis or dissertation properly bound, it is one thing you want to carefully consider. You have spent countless hours, days, months and maybe even years perfecting your dissertation and thesis and you want to ensure it is properly held together in a solid and reliable binding when you go to hand it in. Should you go with thermal binding? How can you choose the right binding for your thesis or dissertation? Here you will learn about the many options you have when it comes to binding for your thesis or dissertation.


Thesis and Dissertation Binding – Available instore

Most often binding will fall into two main categories hard bindings and soft bindings.


Hard Binding – Hard binding offers a truly sophisticated and highly polished look. Hard bindings are sewn and case bound according to you Universities specification in a library buckram cloth. Hard bindings are typical required for all final submission of a thesis. These are the most durable and rigid options you have when choosing the right binding for your thesis. Hard bindings also tend to come with the option of front and spine lettering in either gold or silver foil.


Soft Binding – Soft binding utilizes a flexible card with a contemporary square spine. The binding is done to your Universities specifications and is done in hard wearing library buckram. Soft binding is often required or recommended for the first submission of your thesis. Thermal glue is used to secure all the pages in place resulting in a flexible yet strong binding. Soft binding can include lettering on the spine in either gold or silver foil.

While you will want to ensure you have the hard and soft bindings for your final thesis projects you may need to consider a binding option to help you keep your thesis or dissertation organized and neat as you continue to work on it. For these cases, you may want to consider thermal binding or simple bindings.


Simple Binding – Often used for temporary binding, the simple binding is also sturdy enough to be used for permanent thesis binding. The traditional simple binding displays a clear plastic front and a black or another color spine.


Thermal Binding – Thermal binding is similar to simple binding as it comes with a clear plastic front cover. It also incorporates a standard card back cover. The thermal binding option offers a very clean and neat looking binding. Thermal glue is used to secure the pages in place and most often these types of bindings can be done on demand.


Keep in mind that all Universities and colleges with have varying specification and requirements when it comes to the bidding of your dissertation or thesis. These specifications can also vary depending on the level of degree you are going for.

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