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Reload Internet based in Paddington can snap and print your Driving Licence Photo instore in London in a hard copy driving licence photo format or a driving licence digital format while you wait with no waiting required. For those who are interested in applying for a driver’s licence that require a photocard, you will need to provide a driving licence photo that meets the pre-set standards. Interestingly the Driving licence photo requirement is the same specification as the UK passport photo and we meet this requirement. Reload Internet is opened seven days a week and we have later opening times which open much later than the Post Office and we are open till late on weekends.



Driving Licence Photo is the same as UK Passport Photo Specifications

The driving licence photo you choose to send with your driving licence application must follow the proper guidelines. Reload Internet specialist staff and printing equipment will always ensure that your driving licence photo meets the exacting standards required, and these include, Driving licence photos:

  • Printed on High Quality Paper: The type of paper used by specialist studios like Reload Internet
  • Driving licence Photo taken within the Last 30 Days
  • Colour of background being Light Grey or Cream Background
  • 45mm x 35mm: Do not trim photo to specs
  • Clear, Sharp Photo
  • No “Red Eye”
  • Always remove Your Glasses and this prevents unwanted reflections
  • No Creases, Tears, or Stains on the Driving licence Photo
  • Reload Internet always follows the standards set forth by GOV.UK on the specifications required for a Driving Licence Photo

In addition to the condition of the Driving licence Photo, your expression and position will have to fit certain guidelines as well.

  • Look Straight Ahead
  • Eyes Open
  • No Covering of Your Face
  • Natural Look: No smile, grin, or frown
  • Only Clear Glasses Can Cover Your Eyes
  • No Sunglasses or Tinted Glasses
  • No Hat or Head Covering: Except for religious reasons


Driving Licence Photo

UK Driving Licence Photo specifications – Reload Internet


What Type of Photo is Required for a UK Driving Licence?

The photo you provide must have been taken in the past few months, be in colour, and the proper, passport-size for the ID that is being applied which includes the following;

  • Provisional Driver’s Licence
  • Renewing Your Driver’s Licence
  • Optional Renewal of Driver’s Licence
  • Exchanging Your Driver’s Licence from a Different Country

In addition, you will need to provide proof of your residency which is a requirement to get your new driving licence. However, it should be noted that a Driving licence Photo is not required for certain types of changes to your driver’s licence.

When Driving licence Photos Are Not Required for your UK Driving Licence

There are a couple of exceptions that do not require a new photo for your licence.

  • Changing Your Name and/or Address
  • Replacing Your Existing Licence

In either case, no new photo is needed because you are not making changes that require a new photo to be used. However, a more significant change may require you to provide a new ID photograph depending on the particular circumstances. You may need to call ahead to see if a new Driving licence photo is required for the changes that you are going to make.

Digital tachograph driver smart card

We can cater for the strict requirements of a digital tachograph driver smart card as is stated here.

Certification of your Driving Licence Photo

You will need to provide up-to-date UK or EEA passport identity documents. If you do not have such documents, then a valid Biometric Residence permit or travel document that is UK in origin will be required. This means that you must get a person who is properly authorised to sign the back of the photograph before it can be used.

Be sure that you have everything in order before proceeding to getting your new driver’s licence. You may want to call ahead so to confirm that you have everything in order first before getting the licence. To have a proper photograph at the ready will help speed up the process.

If you are looking to get your Passport Photos taken by Reload Internet and are looking for more information, please take a look at the link.

Get your Driving Licence ID and UK Passport Photo in London



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