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Bishamber Das interview on Sunrise Radio with Shabnam Sahi

Reload OCI Help Service, the UKs best OCI Agent was featured on Sunrise Radio with Bishamber Das.

Bishamber Das talked more on her acting career and why she chose Reload OCI for her OCI application.


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Bishamber Das interview on Sunrise Radio

Shabnam Sahi from Sunrise Radio: thank you so much for joining us on sunrise and I know that you’re already known to our Asian listeners – you are Britain’s first asian plus size model – we at sunrise know you,  love you, one more time thank you so much – how are you?

I’m very well thank you

Shabnam Sahi from Sunrise Radio: Now Bishambar you recently obtained an OCI and chose to do it with Reload OCI, why did you opt to use their company?

To be honest with you Shabnam my life is so hectic even though i know that we’re in the middle of a pandemic and so much is going on for so many different people but I’ve worked all the way through and things have been really difficult and I’m in a position right now where I knew that i had to go to India in the coming weeks and I know that the requirement is that you have to either have an oci or an indian passport. I didn’t have any at the time, I’m a British passport holder myself and the only way that I could enter india to shoot my Punjabi film was by obtaining an OCI and that’s how i came across Reload OCI

Shabnam Sahi from Sunrise Radio: A little known fact about you is the fact that you’re not just a model but I believe you’re a magistrate as well which is so impressive. Why did you in that case choose to not fill the oci application for yourself and actually go to Reload OCI and obtain their services to
get it all done?

I think I can say this now about the indian high commission because my OCI has arrived but it’s so technical and I really don’t have the patience. Just even uploading a photo I personally found really really difficult it has to be a certain spec, your signature has to be a certain spec and I really ran out of patience and I couldn’t be bothered to sit there on my computer – try to go through all these difficult
difficult technicalities. I would happily rather give my headache to a company like Reload OCI and they do everything for me from
from start to finish and I don’t have to worry about it that makes perfect sense

Shabnam Sahi from Sunrise Radio… But tell me this now that you have your OCI what do you plan to do with it? Loads of trips to india on the cards i’m sure?

All right first thing for me is get myself on a flight fly to india, complete my film and become a superstar 🙂

Good luck with the film when it’s out when you need to plug it here in the UK – you know exactly where to come right?

For sure thank you thank you so much I was talking to Bishambar Das