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Our Passport photo studio is located in Paddington, London and we specialise in taking Egyptian passport photo and visa photo. We have trained staff that are adept at taking Egyptian passport and visa photos in our store. They know the correct requirements, right background and lighting that the Egyptian Consulate mandates.

We can also print and develop your Egyptian passport photo or visa photo immediately, so you will receive them within 5 minutes of your arrival in our store, allowing you to submit your application quickly.

We open early, and close later! We’re open all days of the week, so you can walk-in any day until late into the evening, including on a Sunday! We provide you with a set of 4 Egyptian passport photo or visa photo at an affordable rate, and should there be any issue with the photographs we supply you with we will retake them for you completely free of charge.

Check out this video to see how efficient we are at producing your Egyptian passport photo or visa photo.

We will ensure that your photos are of high quality so the Egyptian Consulate accepts your application. Most instant photo kiosks don’t have the equipment needed to get high resolution pictures and meet the specifications set by the Egyptian Consulate. As mentioned earlier, meeting the standards set by the Egyptian Consulate is necessary, and numerous customers, who were once rejected, had their applications for Egyptian visa or passport accepted after going through us for their photos rather than using an instant photo kiosk or home computer.

By going with Reload Internet for your Egyptian passport photo or visa photo, we could prevent possible delays that can occur with your application if the photographs cause an issue. We ensure all the requirements for your photos are met, and you will receive clear photos that identify you easily when you enter Egypt.

Your picture mustn’t be older than six months, and there should be no reflections, red eye or shadows that could affect the image’s quality. The photo should have a clear focus and no excessive makeup use or other image altering products that could drastically affect your appearance.

Egyptian Passport Photo and Visa Photo specifications:

  • Applicant must submit 4 photos measuring 51mm x 51mm.

Egyptian passport photo

  • Photos submitted should be six months old at most.
  • We recommend you do not use photo booths or home computers for having photos taken, since the Egyptian government rejects this quality of photo often.
  • Background for the photos should either be off-white or white, without any shadows on the background or the applicant’s face (applicant should preferably wear dark colours in the photo)
  • The applicants face should make up about 60% – 70% of the photo
  • Head size from chin – crown should be 31-36mm, and the eye line should be 20-30mm from the bottom of the photo.
  • Applicant must adopt an impersonal expression in the photos, with their mouth closed, eyes open and directly looking at camera with their head square and centred for the camera.
  • Headwear isn’t allowed except for religious and medical reasons, and facial features should be clear from chin to forehead and the sides of one’s face should be shown.
  • In case you wear glasses, we suggest you remove them while taking photo, or ensure they don’t hide your eyes or cause reflection in your photos (lens reflection is common). Also, ensure the frames don’t cover your eyes at all.
  • Photos should be suitably bright and the contrast should be proportionate, printed on glossy high quality paper for high resolution and not altered digitally.

Anything even slightly away from these specifications and your photo may not be accepted by the Egyptian Consulate. At Reload Internet we make sure it doesn’t happen.

We ensure your photo quality is good, with high resolution and finish, and we get it done at our store.

Our specifications are constantly being updated by the staff here at Reload Internet in accordance with the official guidelines released by the Egyptian Consulate found here.


Passport Photo printed in London