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At Reload Internet, we are specialist Jamaican Passport & Visa photographers and we guarantee that the Jamaican Passport photo we provide you will meet the criteria set forth by the Jamaican Embassy.

Please remember that the Jamaican Embassy will not accept Jamaican passport photos taken at a photo booth – so you should use Reload Internet in Paddington, London, as we are classed as professional photographers and printers.

Our Jamaican passport photos will have a size of 35mm x 45mm and will always be taken with a clear frontal view of you (the applicant) and the photos will have a crisp clear white background as required by the Jamaican Embassy.

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Photographs are an essential part of the Passport & Visa applications and so they have to satisfy the criteria used by the Passport & Visa, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) of Jamaica.


Jamaican Passport Photo Specifications


Jamaican passport photo

We will provide you a total of 6 Jamaican passport photographs for your Jamaican Passport & Visa applications and your Jamaican passport and visa photo will meet the following guidelines:

  • The Jamaican Passport photo we provide you will be in full colour and to be taken with a matte/dull finish background
  • Applicants should try and avoid wearing white clothing due to the light complexion and should have photographs taken against a neutral shaded background
  • Applicants of dark skin tone should wear coloured clothing and Jamaican passport photo will be taken in contrast to a white background
  • Applicants with grey or white hair will have their Jamaican passport photo taken against a pale blue or neutral background
  • No hair should be covering the forehead of the applicant – which is the reason Staff of Reload Internet will always offer you a mirror.
  • Reload Internet will ensure that no other individual or object will be visible in your Jamaican passport photo other than you!
  • Rest Assured that the staff at Reload Internet understand that background shadows will not acceptable on Jamaican Passport Photos – so we guarantee your Jamaican passport photo we provide you will not have any shadows on it. 
  • A full front posture is required to show the head, ears, neck and top of shoulders of the applicant
  • Reload Internet will ensure that Ink mark and creases are not visible on your Jamaican passport photo as these are strictly not acceptable
  • Exposed chest and shoulder in your Jamaican passport photo will be avoided
  • Applicant must try and avoid bright coloured clothing
  • Heavy or thick frames should be avoided, will not be accepted
  • Headgear is permitted for religious purposes and must be clearly specified on the application form. Facial features together with the outline of the face from the bottom of the chin to top of the forehead must be clearly visible on the photograph
  • The Jamaican passport photo you submit with your application must be no more than six months old and should be 25mm-35mm from the top of the head to the chin of the applicant and at Reload Internet will even measure this instore for you to see with a ruler.
  • Photographs taken at photo booths are not accepted
  • Jamaican passport photos submitted with an application will become the property of the Government of Jamaica
  • Sunglasses and tinted glasses are strictly not allowed in Jamaican passport photos. However, applicant can wear reading glasses but your eyes must be fully visible through clear lenses without reflections or glare.


Jamaican passport photos Requirements for children, babies & infants:

  • Children must be on their own in the Jamaican passport photo and babies must not be holding toys or dummies.
  • Children under the age of 6 does not have to be looking straight at the camera or have a neutral facial expression.
  • Children under one don’t have to have their eyes open. Parents can support their head with their hand, but your hands must not be visible in the Jamaican passport photo.

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