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We are a Passport photo studio based in Paddington, London that can take your Nepalese passport photo or visa photo for Nepal. 

We specialise in taking your Nepalese passport photo or visa photo in our store and our staff are trained to photograph you under the right lighting and by using the correct background colour that the Nepalese Government requires. The passport photo specifications for Nepal are included below for your reference.

Nepalese Passport Photo and Visa Photo

We can print and prepare your Nepalese passport photo and visa photo instantly and you will never need an appointment with us – just pop into our store in Paddington.

Our early and late opening times means that you can also visit us 7 days a week – late opening times even on a Sunday!

We also have a We will also retake your passport photos completely free of charge if your Passport photo fails at the Nepalese embassy.

Watch the video on how efficient we are with Nepalese passport photos and visa photos.

The Nepalese passport photo you submit with your application must be of the highest quality for your Nepalese passport application to be accepted and sometimes instant photo kiosks will not be able to meet these standards.

We have had countless customers who have been declined, visit us to get the right specifications of a Nepalese passport photo or visa photo.

Choosing Reload Internet to get your Nepalese passport photo and visa photos can help you avoid delays with your application. You need to make sure that you have clear photographs that can be used to easily identify who you are entering Nepal.

Your photo should be no more than 6 months old and it must be clear in focus with no red eye or reflections that can affect the overall quality of the image of you.

Nepalese passport photo specifications:

  • 4 photographs are required by the Nepalese government of size 45mm x 35mm, with the applicants face taking up 70-80% of the photo

Nepal passport photo

  • The distance from chin to crown should measure between 31 – 36mm
  • The photographs must be in colour and the background of the photograph should be white, with no shadows on neither the applicant nor the backdrop of the photograph
  • Facial features must be clearly visible
  • Neutral expression is required, mouth closed, eyes open and looking at the camera, as well as the applicants head centred and square to the camera
  • We recommend that you remove your glasses to ensure that the Nepalese government will accept your photographs, however if you must wear glasses, the frames can not cover any part of the applicants eyes
  • Both ears should be clearly visible in the photograph
  • For infants and small children unable to stand, they should lie against a white backdrop and the photo should be taken from above


Nepalese visa photo specifications:

  • Specifications for the Nepalese visa photo are the same as above apart from the size of the photograph


Nepal visa photo specification


  • One photograph is required of size 50mm x 50mm
  • The applicants face should cover ~80% of the photo, therefore the distance from chin to crown should be between 36mm-42mm

The quality of the actual photograph should be good with a high print finish, which can be provided for you in store.

The specifications for Nepalese passport photos and visa photos are constantly updated by both our staff and the Nepalese authorities. We receive our guidelines from the official website found here.


Passport Photo printed in London