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Reload Internet is a passport, visa and ID photo studio situated in Paddington, London, that can capture, print and cut your North Korean passport photo or visa instantly! We have been operating in Paddington for well over a decade, taking hundreds of successful passport, visa and ID photos every single week. Our store is open 7 days a week, from early in the morning until late into the evening, allowing you to come and visit us to have your photographs produced at a time that suits you! We guarantee that the photographs that we provide you with will pass when you submit them with your passport or visa application to the North Korean Embassy.

When you have your North Korean passport photo or visa photo produced at Reload Internet, we will provide you with a set of 6 high-quality photographs that are guaranteed to pass with your application for just £9.99! We will capture your image using the latest camera technology, and will ensure that the background and lighting are as requested in the official North Korean Embassy’s guidelines on passport and visa photographs. We will then cross-check your image to ensure that it meets all of the necessary criteria, and after we are satisfied – and you are happy with the picture – we will print out a set for you using Embassy approved digital photo printers. Finally, we will cut your photographs to the exact sizing necessary for your North Korean passport photo or visa photo. This is why we can guarantee that your photographs will be successful when submitted along with your application.

Watch the video below to learn more about North Korean passport and visa photographs, or to see how efficient we are at producing them:

You must ensure that your North Korean passport photo or visa photo meets all of the specifications stated in the official guidelines for passport and visa photographs. If not, your application will most likely be rejected, and you may have to restart the process from the beginning, costing you excessive amounts of time and money. This can be easily avoided by visiting Reload Internet in Paddington, London, for your North Korean passport and visa photographs, where we guarantee that your photographs will pass without any issues.

North Korean Passport Photo and Visa Photo specifications:

  • Photos must be 45mm x 35mm, be identical and in full colour

North Korean passport photo

  • The background of the photograph must be white
  • Photographs must have been taken in the 6 months prior to the application being submitted
  • The measurement from the bottom of the applicant’s chin to the top of their forehead must be between 25mm-35mm
  • The photograph must show the applicant’s full face from a straight on view, with eyes open and mouth closed. The applicant should also be looking directly into the lens of the camera when the photograph is taken.
  • You are allowed to wear glasses in the photograph, however we recommend that you remove them due to the possibility of your photograph being declined because of reflections of the lenses, as well as the frames of the glasses covering the applicant’s eyes
  • Lighting must be suitable, without shadows anywhere on the applicant’s face nor the backdrop of the image
  • Hats, headgear and sunglasses are strictly prohibited from the photograph
  • The applicant’s facial features must be clearly visible, and their tone of skin should portray true likeness of the individual

As stated earlier, failure to meet all of the necessary specifications listed above will result in your North Korean passport/visa application being denied. At Reload Internet we guarantee this will not happen to you, and your North Korean passport photo or visa photo will pass first time at the Embassy.

If you wish to learn more information, the North Korean Embassy’s contact details can be found here.


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