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We offer an OCI Photo and signature resize service for our customers that are having trouble resizing their OCI photo or OCI signature or OCI thumb print to the exact specifications required by your OCI application form.

This includes a perfect background with no shadows, colour correction, and resizing to the OCI Applications forms exact specifications including a guaranteed pass.


OCI Photo Resize


How our OCI Photo and Signature resize Service works:

1. Simply take a photo from your mobile phone of your passport photo and signature (signed on a blank A4 Paper) from your mobile phone.

2: Email us your images from your phone to:

Email us

3: We will then email you back your resized OCI passport photo and signature image (or OCI thumb print signature) within a few working hours with a guarantee that they will meet the OCI application and VFS exact standards. 

For Further details on our OCI photo resize service please visit this link.

If you have already sent us your images and have already received an email from us, please scroll below to make payment for us to start.


Resize your Picture photo and signature for your OCI 

Just email us your photo and signature to us now. We are waiting to assist you.

Email us

We offer a same day OCI resize service and guarantee the images we send you for your OCI application.

We even go so far as to remove shadows from both your OCI photo and Signature / thumb print signature included in our fee (if need be) as these would ordinarily cause your OCI application to be declined by the VFS.


The process in detail after we receive your OCI Photo and Signature by email

Once we receive your images, we will look at them free of charge – and once we have looked over your images we will confirm that we can go ahead and and resize them for you.

We will ask you to make payment only AFTER we have looked at your images free of charge and confirmed that they are suitable for resizing. This is sometimes a long process as images are blurry or not in the correct resolution so follow our OCI photo resize guide on how to photograph the images correctly.

We can also send you your OCI hard copy passport photos by post (you will need these for OCI application) and we have included the price options below for this.

We Guarantee the images we send you so rest assured that the images we provide you will easily be able to be uploaded to your OCI application form. Please make a payment via PayPal by clicking on the following link.

Why risk wasting a day out at VFS office over a digital image not created correctly?


Payment link for your OCI Resize of your Photo and Signature ONLY

Please only pay once we have confirmed you can do so via email.

  • We charge £9.99 for OCI Photo and Signature/Thumbprint resize and to email it back to you for upload.

OCI Resizing Payment

Priority Resize Your Images

Payment for: Resize OCI Image



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If you are a larger family and we have agreed to a custom amount please enter that in the tick box below.


Printed OCI Passport Photo & Digital resize of Photo & Signature

OCI Photo posted to you

OCI Photo

If you require:

  • OCI hard Copy passport photos sent to you by post, hand prepared by our Staff and we guarantee* your hard copy photos and digital images we send you will pass at VFS. Do not take the risk of beign declined at VFS.
  • Your resized OCI photo and signature will be emailed to you ready for you to upload once we digitise them for your OCI.

Cost: £24.49.

We will post to you your hard copy photos within one working day and email you your digital oci photo and signature to you as well for you to upload.


If you would like us to also upload your photo and signature direct to your OCI application form:

  • Resize your OCI photo and signature
  • Including Upload your OCI photo and signature
  • Post you a hard copy passport photo

Cost: £29.49

We will post you your hard copy photos within one working day and email your digital oci photo and signature as well as upload them for you directly to your OCI application form for your ease and convenience with a guarantee*.

Resize and Photo

Priority Resize Your Images

Payment for: Resize and Photo


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If we have agreed on a custom amount based on your circumstances (for larger quantities) please enter that amount in custom amount below before making payment. 


You can pay by your Credit Card / Debit card even if you do not have a Paypal Account

Important: You can pay by credit card even if you do not have a PayPal account.

Simply click on

– Make payment button. This will lead you to PayPal.
– Tap Debit or Credit card
– Add your credit card details and email address in the screen and tap Continue
– You will see a Checkout page with the total amount (including delivery). Add your billing details and tap Pay now to complete your payment
– Done!

Please see image below:

After Clicking Pay, you can also make a payment via your credit card or debit card by clicking on the blue button: Pay with credit or debit card.  See Image below and where to click


If you have any problems, please email us:


*Our guarantee is that is it fails we will gladly redo them for you. This service is non refundable.