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If you are looking to Rent a mailbox or Rent a PO BOX for your personal or business mail – then Reload Internet is the place in Paddington for you. With our PO Box rental service, you will be able to collect your Letters and Packages from our conveniently located store – OR – you can ask us to forward your mail from your PO Box to you. We are even able to scan and email you Letters if that works for you.

Our Mailbox rental services and PO BOX rental services will act as your virtual mailbox rental address in London. Not only are we better priced than Royal Mails PO box Rental services and other competitors in Paddington – our service provides a tailored package for all of your PO Box and Nailbox rental needs whether it be for business use or for your personal use.

We offer a Private, Professional and Secure location for you to receive and collect your mail and packages in a prime central London location, and our skilled and supportive staff are ready to support your business 7 days a week.


PO Box Or Mailbox Rental Service

Some of the advantages of our Personal Rental Mailbox services include:

  • Our PO Mail Boxes allow you to receive and collect your mail during our opening times.
  • Our service is very secure and will provide you with a confidential mailing address.
  • We are open seven days a week, and provide you physical access to your personal mail box in Paddington.
  • Our flexible service offers, receiving mail, parcels, package deliveries (charges apply) and also holding them for you at a convenient time for collection or we can forward them to you (shipping charges apply).
  • If you tend to buy online products – why not rent our mailboxes and have your packages and products delivered to your mailbox address. No more missed mail as you were not home when the delivery arrived. Reload will receive your goods on your behalf and we can even inform you when we receive your package which means that you do not need worry about your delivery time.
  • Our flexible service means no more Letters or packages returned to sender – as our staff are always at hand to receive mail and parcels, package deliveries (charges apply) and we can also hold them for you so you can collect the packages from us at a convenient time or we can forward them to you if you are away or can not come to Paddington (shipping charges apply).
  • No more missed mail as you were not home when the delivery arrived. Reload will receive your goods on your behalf and we can even inform you when we receive your package which means that you do not need worry about your delivery time.
  • We can scan and send your mail via PDF (charges apply)
  • We can shred your documents if you instruct us to do so (charges apply)

If you would like further information on this please email us, as we have a specialist team that deals with PO Mail Box Rental

email us



Prices to Rent a PO BOX for Personal or Business Purposes

Our PO Box mail box Rental Service offers you a tailor packages which meet your specific needs, whether it is for your personal use or it is for your business use. Our service is more cost effective to an actual setup of physical premises for your business or for a personal use.


(strictly not for business use)

Business ELITE
Package Up to 4 personal mailing names
(Business names not accepted)
Up to 6 mailing names Up to 10 mailing names
1 Month
 £20.00 pcm  £25 pcm  £35 pcm
6 Months 
 £17.50 pcm £20 pcm £32 pcm
1 Year
£15 pcm  £17 pcm £29 pcm


Optional Extras:

Scanning of Documents
& Emailing
Handling, scanning, emailing £10.00 per 20 scans Shredding Price on request
Packs can be purchased £10.00


Additional products:

Registration fee (compulsory): £10.00 (one off) Key replacement: £5.00
Each additional mailing name: £5.00 per name, per month
Mail forwarding: £3.50 (plus materials, postage/courier costs) Registered company address: £35.00 per annum
Mailbox key deposit: £5.00 (refundable upon return) Package holding fee: £0.50 per item per day
Late payment fee: £10.00 Mail handling fee: £25.00 per ‘000


Packages Delivery (including notifying you) that can not fit in your mailbox £2.99 Key replacement: £5.00
Each additional mailing name: £5.00 per name, per month
Mail forwarding: £3.50 (plus materials, postage/courier costs) Registered company address: £35.00 per annum
Mailbox key deposit: £5.00 (refundable upon return) Package holding fee: £0.50 per item per day
Late payment fee: £10.00 Mail handling fee: £25.00 per ‘000



Register your business at your PO Box Rental address (companies house)

When you rent a PO BOX through us for business purposes, you can use your address as a Registered Company address for the additional cost of just £50.00 per year, which means that your business mailbox address at Reload Internet could be registered with Companies House as both businesses official registered office as well as the Directors office address.

By doing this, this will ensure that the Directors private address for your business will not go public.
Your business will look professional and is great for when your business does not have a fixed address or you will be moving around. Your business may be an international venture looking to gain a UK presence – and once you register your limited company with Reload mailboxes – you will certainly be UK based!

We will display your company name and company registration number at our Paddington branch which is a legal requirement.

Please note – to comply with regulations, we will instantly suspend accounts where limited companies are registered to our address but have not paid our annual fee.

If you would like further information on this please only email us, as we have a specialist team that deals with mail box rental.


FAQ on PO Box Rental

Our Frequently asked Question section on PO Box rental will answers some of your questions on this service – on how you can practically collect your letters and mail and how this system works.


How to get your post sent to a PO Box in Paddington

Basically, a PO Box service lets you read your mail by yourself because there are lots of family members or other people at home who may read your mail. If you don’t like to let other people know about your mails then you can collect it from Reload Internet, a Store located in Paddington opposite Paddington Station which provides you with PO Box Rental services.

How does a PO Box work?

All Letters and mail which will be sent to your PO Box address will be stored onsite in your locked mailbox steel case. These Letters and mails will be kept safe onsite. All types of letters and mails are acceptable and can be stored.

What Happens if my letters require a signature?

Even if your letter or package requires a signature, the staff in Reload will sign on your behalf and place the letter in your PO Box and you can collect all your letters and mails from your PO Box during our opening times.

What are the advantages of having a PO Box?

Having a PO Box benefits you a lot which include:

  • The high profile, short address can be used that is relatively easy and simple to remember and can also keep you unnamed.
  • All your mails are completely secured because it requires your ID card to get an access.
  • You are not bound to pick up your mail when it’s delivered but you may have it whenever you want to.
  • It may provide you an official address with a business point of view.
  • You can also have some additional services like delivery of your mails from the PO Box.

How can you get a PO Box?

You can easily get your PO Box just by filling up an application form. This form is available by emailing us – and we can have your PO box setup in less than 24 hours.

We expect that you give accurate and legal information about your address and give mentioned payment along with the complete form. Payment can be made in store, in cash or credit card (not american express) – or by credit card if you are away from the store.

How to get your post redirected from your PO Box?

Now, if you have changed, moved or shifted your home and want to redirect your mails to new home address, you can do it. It is important to redirect the posts to avoid any kind of fraud act or also to avoid the loss of your mail at your old home address.

How does redirection work?
If you have changed your home temporarily or permanently, then through redirection, you will receive your mails that are sent at your previous home address to your PO Box at Reload.

To redirect your mails, you will have to apply for it. Your identification will be verified by checking your credit. The cost of redirection will depend on the time period of redirection and also on the number of names that you need to take in.

You can apply by sending an application form, at any branch of the post office and online too. The maximum time period of redirection of your mails is 2 years, after it, this service will be expired.

Now, some posts cannot be redirected which may include:
1- Mails for those companies or businesses which weren’t directing or lodging any business from your previous home address.
2- Those mails that belong to worldwide couriers which are not yet sent by Royal Mail.
3- Those mails which were to be delivered at your old address which was a lodging house, a college, a hotel or any publicly occupied building.
4- Mails which belong to BEPO –British Forces Post Office address.

Your mail was lost or hasn’t turned up:
The loss of any mail may be a big problem for our consumers as Royal Mail deals with 80 million mails and other related items in a single day. Chances of errors and omissions are there but it is vital that you complain about any lost mail with Royal Mail so that the errors and problems can be solved. With a PO Box rental service in Paddington you can be sure that you are in one of the UK’s best mail sorting offices,so the chances oflost mail are less than say in rural locations like Ayelsbury.

Most lost mail is due to the sender
• Entering an incorrect or wrong address.
• Redirection of your mail.
• Your mail was not collected and was missed.
• The postman wasn’t able to get access to your home.
• The mail was delivered from abroad which is taking time.
• The posting of your mail day may be on a public holiday.

If these are the problems and issues with your mail, then be patient, it may take a little bit of time and your delivery time may extend.
But if you think that your mail has definitely been lost and you haven’t received mail within 15 days, inform Royal Mail customer services and you can use this website to report your problem online. Applying for PO BOX rental services in Reload will certainly ensure that mail will not be lost, as our staff are trained on handling mail.


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