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Reload Internet is a Passport photo studio located in Paddington, London – professionally equipped and able to produce the highest quality Spanish passport photos and Spanish visa photos. In addition to Passport photos for Spain, we are able to produce all of the Spanish ID photos for Spanish driver’s licenses that meet the Spanish Embassy requirements and measure 30 x 40 mm.

Watch the Video on how Reload Internet can take your Spanish Passport photo quickly without an appointment in our store in Paddington, London.

Since Spain has now begun to incorporate all of the new internationally agreed upon ICAO biometric standards that were put into place to prevent the fraudulent use of the Spanish passports, you are now only able to find a few passport studios located around London that are equipped to handle this and Reload Internet is now one of them. Thanks to the professional-grade professional photographers, and software combined with the best printing equipment at the moment, Reload Internet is now able to produce the highest quality images that meet all of the criteria set forth by the Spanish government.

Our staff at Reload Internet are aware of all the requirements that the Spanish government have in place for the Spanish visa and passport photos. They will ensure that all photos taken are sized according to the criteria from the government and any other requirements that are currently in place are met. We do handle both walk-in customers and those with appointments.

Order Passport photos for Spain instore

Even if you are not able to come into our studios to have professional Spanish ID photos taken, you are able to email a suitable passport photo for Spain to us and we will properly format it the to the exact specifications. When we have completed the project, we can either mail it back through email or traditional mail methods, whichever you choose. You do not need to have an account with us to pay us because we go through PayPal. You really should be careful when ordering a digital copy. This is only possible as long as your company supports online visa and passport applications.

Spanish Passport photo specifications

Here are the requirements for Spanish passport photos:

Spanish Passport Photo

Spanish Passport Photo

  • Spanish passport applications require 2 identical photos
  • Photos must be 30 x 40mm, a different size than typically required from other EU countries.
  • A person’s head must take up 70% of the photo
  • The backgrounds for these photos must be white

Spanish Visa Photos

The Spanish visa photos do conform to the typical standards of the EU. Our photographers have knowledge of the requirements in place for all Spanish visa and passport photos. We know to ensure that your photos are properly sized to meet these requirements as well as any other specifications are currently in place including Belgium, Iceland, Austria, Sweden, and Norway.

Baby Photos for Spanish passport photos

There are some pretty strict requirements for baby photos. Their eyes must be open and there can be no evidence of support from parents in the picture. They must also be looking directly at the camera.

Our Money Back Guarantee

It is important to never take any chances when it comes to your visa and passport application. If you do not submit the proper photos, your application will be refused and this will cause added expenses and delays that can be very stressful to you. Our company guarantees that we will get your photos right on the first try, ensuring that you will not be denied your application because of improper photos. You can walk right into Reload Internet in Paddington (and we are the only only passport photo service in London with late opening hours and open Monday to Sunday till 10pm) and the photos will typically be snapped and printed and ready within 10 minutes – with no appointment necessary.

Passport Makeovers

Our studios can reduce visible imperfections on your face for your photo digitally if requested. This will ensure that you look your best and we only charge £4.99 extra for this service.

Directions to get your Spanish Passport Photos and Visa Passport photos snapped instore


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