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If you are in need of an Uzbekistan passport photo or visa photo, Reload Internet is the best place to come. Based in Paddington, we are a professional passport photo studio that has been in operation for well over a decade. We capture, print and cut hundreds of passport and visa photographs every single week, including Uzbekistan passport and visa photos. We are open every day of the week, early morning until late evening, and are situated less than a 30 second walk from both Paddington tube station and train station. This makes us the most reliable and accessible studio in London for you to have your Uzbekistan passport photo or visa photo capture, printed and prepared at.

No appointment is needed, just stop by and a member of our trained team will assist you. We will take your photo with the correct background and lighting required, and cross-check it with the Embassy of Uzbekistan’s guidelines on passport and visa photos to guarantee that it will pass first time. After we are happy that it will pass, we will print your set of photographs and cut them to the exact sizing so that they are ready to be sent off with your application. That is why we can guarantee that your Uzbekistan passport photo or visa photo will be successful!

Get your Uzbekistan Passport Photo in 2 ways

Option 1: Visit us at our store in Paddington

When you pop into our store in Paddington, we will take a photo of you while you wait.

Option 2: Uzbekistan Passport photo by Post

Take a photo of yourself against a white wall at home like the image below & upload it to us, and we will post it to you with next day delivery.

Photo Guide

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We can take your Uzbekistan Passport Photo in-store OR we can post it to you with fast delivery. Just upload a photo of yourself and let us do the rest!

If you want to learn more about the criteria in regards to passport and visa photos for Uzbekistan, or want to see how we can produce yours succesfully, watch the video below:

uzbekistan passport photo

If your Uzbekistan passport photo or visa photo fails to meet all of the requirements below, it will probably be rejected by the Embassy when you submit your application. Come to Reload Internet to ensure that this does not happen to yours!

Uzbekistan Passport Photo and Visa Photo specifications:

  • Sizes: 35 x 45 mm.

Uzbekistan passport photo

  • Photos Required: 8
  • Spotless on every side, no crinkles or waterworks
  • A close-up of your full face as well as your shoulders
  • Looking straight in front of the camera with your face forward
  • Have both eyes wide open, noticeable and clear from replication or glare from glasses
  • No hair in front of your eyes
  • Covering your face is unacceptable
  • You have to capture the photo with an impartial expression and a closed mouth. You should not be laughing, smiling, glaring or flaunting your teeth. Both the eyes should be open as well as artificial expressions like eyebrows raised or glancing are highly unacceptable.
  • The head of the subject must not be at any angle nor portrayed style. The head should be looking straight and square to the camera; Tilted or slightly rotated face is unacceptable. Your face and eyes must be looking straight at the camera so every amount of ear and cheek can be noticed easily.
  • When the photo is taken from a digital camera it is advisable to print the photo on a first-class paper with a print resolution of 600 dpi. The color of the photo must be neutral and the tones of your skin must look real and natural. Creases or impurities on the photo are not acceptable. The photo cannot be photoshopped, edited or manipulated, for instance, by eradicating spots or unstiffening lines. The photograph should be a colored copy.
  • Your photo will be guaranteed passed in case you avoid wearing glasses. In case you cannot avoid wearing glasses, then make sure the glasses that you wear have no glare and the frame must not cover your eyes. The applicant’s eyes must be clearly recognizable (glass reflections, colored glasses or shades are not allowed).
  • Normally speaking, headwear is not permitted. An exception could be for reasons related to religion or medical care. In such instances the customers face should be visible from the chin till the top of the forehead. The photo should not contain any shadows and should not be out of focus.
  • No smiling face and no showing teeth
  • No hardware except for religious or any other medicinal reasons
  • The face must be highly focused and it should look pleasant, rich in contrast and flawless.

Our specifications are taken from the Embassy of Uzbekistan’s guidelines on passport and visa photographs which you can see here.

Biometric Uzbekistan Passport Photo

At Reload internet we always ensure that our Printed and Digital Passport photos for Uzbekistan will meet the strict criteria set forth by the Uzbekistan Authorities and Uzbekistan is one of the countries whose passports are now fully Biometric.


OPTION 1 – Visit us in Paddington

Just walk into our store and let our experienced staff take your photo. It will not take more than 5 minutes.

  • We will take your photo with professional lighting.
  • We will print, prepare & cut your Uzbekistan passport photo.
  • No appointment needed.

Passport Photo Paddington

OPTION 2 – Passport photo posted

We can post you a set of 6 Uzbekistan Passport photos – next day delivery. How it works:

  • Email us a photo of yourself from your phone or camera.
  • We will look at your photo, free of charge
  • We will reply to confirm.

Passport photo posted

Passport Photo post UK

  • We will print, cut and post your your Uzbekistan passport photos
  • Next day delivery
  • We post your photos anywhere in the UK or worldwide.


OPTION 3 – Digital Photo resize

  1. Send us your photo from your phone or camera whilst you are standing against a wall in your home
  2. We will look at it free of charge.

Digital Photo resize service

3. We will email your resized images back to you same day.
4. Your digital Uzbekistan passport photo will be ready to upload to the online Uzbekistan passport service.

You do not need to worry about the regulations, we have dealt with thousands of satisfied customers and are very experienced.

So why wait? Email us your photo today and we will resize it digitally for you