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A vital part of the passport application process is the Biometric passport photo. There are strict rules to the type, size, and composition of photo that can be used, otherwise your passport application will not be approved. What follows are the rules to create a biometric passport photo, the type that is approved for use with passports.

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Biometric Passport Photo Guide:

The photo must be of you which clearly shows your face. To avoid confusion, Biometric passport photo specifications are the same as UK Passport photo guidelines which are listed here. Requirements of the Biometric photo are listed below:


Biometric Passport Photo
– Close-up of face, head, and tops of shoulders
– Subject must look directly into the camera
– Eyes open, no glasses, closed mouth and neutral expression
– Distance on photo between bottom of chin and crown of head between 29 to 34 millimetres
– No shadows, no outline of the eyes, nose, or mouth
– No head covering unless for religious or medical reasons
– No “red eye” in the photo

Size of Biometric Passport Photo

The accepted standard size of the photo must be 45 millimetres high and 35 millimetres wide, which is the standard size of photos produced in photo booths in the UK. Keep in mind that photo booths outside the UK may not produce photos of this size.
You cannot use a photo that has been cut down or trimmed from a larger photo to the standard size, it must be originally produced.

Quality of Biometric Passport Photo

The photo itself must have a plain light-grey or plain cream background and printed to the high-quality standards used in photo studios like Reload Internet.

Your biometric passport photo must also meet certain requirements for quality purposes.
– Taken within the past 30 days
– Clear, sharp photo
– No tears, creases, or marks
– No writing on front or back except for certification
– Colour photo on plain, white photographic paper

Biometric Passport Photo for Children

Children are a different issue because they cannot be expected to follow all the rules for adults. Therefore, there are certain exceptions made for children depending on their age.

Children Under Five Years Old: No requirement for neutral expression or looking into the camera.

Babies Under One Year Old: No requirement for eyes being open. If baby’s head needs support, the supporting hand must not be seen.
Otherwise, the same standards for children apply when obtaining a biometric passport photo. Be sure to follow all guidelines when obtaining a photo suitable for your passport. It is recommended that you use professional services that have experience with such photos for the best results.

Biometric Passport Photo taken in Reload Internet

Get your Biometric Passport Photo from Reload Internet in London, Paddington. Our photos will always meet the rules set forth by GOV UK.

Our Passport photo will always meet the rules for digital passport photo and hard copy passport photos. Make sure your photo meets these rules. If it doesn’t, you may have problems with your application or when you travel. Reload Internet can print passport photos for any Country in the World including UK, US, India, Australia and the rest of Europe (EU Passport photos) while you wait and with no appointment needed.

We guarantee that your Passport photo and Visa Photo will be approved by the Embassy or we will retake your passport photos free of charge and our early and late opening times really make getting your passport photos taken convenient.


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