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Get your UK Passport Photo in London. Our Passport photo will always meet the rules for digital passport photo and hard copy passport photos. Make sure your photo meets these rules. If it doesn’t, you may have problems with your application or when you travel. Reload Internet can print passport photos for any Country in the World including UK, US, India, Australia and the rest of Europe (EU Passport photos) while you wait and with no appointment needed.

We guarantee that your Passport photo and Visa Photo will be approved by the Embassy or we will retake your passport photos free of charge and our early and late opening times really make getting your passport photos taken convenient.

Professional Passport Photo studio serving Paddington and Marylebone and London

Reload Internet Passport Photo studio is based in Paddington – but we get clients that visit from us all over London, Marylebone and Paddington. Watch the Video on how Reload Internet can take your passport photo for you:


To see all the Countries in the world that we take passport photos for, please follow this link.

Why do clients visit us? Because our UK Passport photo and Visa photos will always pass rigid VISA and Passport requirements. Furthermore, we are dealing with more clients that require Indian Passport pictures and we are proud to announce that we now have a section dealing and specialising with Indian Passport Photos. We also have a customer handbook available instore to answer any questions you may have on every embassy in the World.

Our store understand the smaller details required to run a service like the way we do – from always offering you a mirror before we take your passport photo, to ensuring that the background is off-white, light grey, or white (depending on the Embassy you are applying to) we really know our stuff when it comes to taking your Passport Photos – which is why we can offer a guarantee that all of our passport photos we produce instore will always meet the Embassy requirements or we will retake them free of charge.


Visa Photo Print

Why not pop in today and get your visa photo print snapped in our professional passport photo studio in London? 

Our late opening times in London ensure that you can pop-in and get your passport photos snapped and printed instore even if you have an appointment early the following morning. We are open till 10pm, 7 days a week. We are located at 197 Praed Street, Paddington, W2 1RH directly opposite Paddington Station.


UK Digital Passport Photo or Digital photo for Passport and Digital Photo Code

We are able to create digital images of your passport photos in any specification required. All of our Passport photos clicked in store are Biometric approved and we will supply you a DIGITAL ID CODE that you can upload to UK Gov website that meets the UK Governments Biometric Photo specifications:

Digital Passport Photo Specification

Reload Internet can also print your passport photos in the following sizes.

The main point is that the Passport photo or Visa Photo should be taken to the exact guidelines that the UK Visa photo and Passport photo require, and we will ensure that your passport photos meets the criteria that the digital passport photo rules require. Not correctly taken passport photos will cause a reason for failure of your application. If you do attempt this yourself, here are some helpful notes that will ensure that your passport photo is approved first time around.


UK Passport Photo specification or UKBA Visa Photo Requirement

Here are the UK passport Photo and Digital Photo code specifications

Passport Photo

  • UK Passport Photo Background colour
    We consistently have customers always insisting that the background colour be white.
    According to UKBA the passport photo background colour should be in Cream (off-white) or Light Grey. There is logic behind this, as White will reflect light back to the camera, and also create shadows. Off white creates less shadows.
    Our customers often tend to smile while taking a photo with us – BUT do NOT smile otherwise this will be a reason of rejection. Why? Because teeth can reflect the flash back! – Grimaces will be accepted, but maybe not socially!
  • Children Passport Photos
    This is a critical part, however in the passport photo there should not be any toys or parent’s hands supporting their children or any other object or person should be visible. Reload specialises in calming infants down and we take passport photos of infants by lying them down, as opposed to holding them up which has caused many failures in Embassies in the past.
  • Can my child wear a head band in her passport photo?
    We have received a report that the post office in Brent cross has refused to send a passport photo application that had a child’s hair band to hold her hair back. This is the exact misunderstanding of the rules that has caused this. There is no indication in any of the rules or regulations that a hair band is not allowed and the customer has insisted to send the application of. We will update you on whether this passport application with hair band passes the application process. 11/09/2016: This Passport photo application was accepted.
  • Infant Passport Photos
    You do not need to have their eyes open – important this can save a lot of time, especially is your child is resting.
  • Are you allowed to wear your glasses in a UK passport photo?
     you can have your glasses on if you wear them daily – HOWEVER, no reflections are allowed – so bear this in mind. Our staff can assess whether the photo we take will pass.
  • Photo should be in colour.
  • It has to be against cream or grey background colour, not white.
  • Size will be 45 mm height x 35 mm wide.
  • The subject should be forward & straight with eyes open, with no tinted glasses, sunglasses or any thing with the reflection eyes.
  • To avoid the risk of rejection, we recommend photograph without glasses.
  • Photo should be taken without anything covering face.
  • Photo should be with neutral expression, mouth closed and no smile.
  • Only one person is allowed in a photo (no objects like toys, hands or any other person visible).

UK Children Photo Specification (Age five or under):

  • Child aged six or above will required to follow the above specifications.
  • Need a clear image of child
  • No need to have a neutral expression, or to look directly in the camera but it is necessary to face forward
  • Baby’s under one year does not need to have their eyes open, but it is preferable if the eyes are open.
  • Photo should be taken within the last month.
  • It should be clear, not damage, not torn and no marks on it
  • Should be printed professionally, avoid printing at home.


Photo booth in Paddington

There are reasons why you should think twice about using a photo booth in Paddington – Poor lighting, risk of failing, and no one to physically come back to when things go wrong. The quality of the passport photo may meet the criteria required for the Embassy you are applying to as you are the Operator of the Photo Booth. We are always here to serve you, and respond to any problems you may have – we take responsibility for our work and always aim to get it right first time. Our success over the years, only bolsters this excellence. 


Other Passport Photo sizes available at Reload Internet

At Reload Internet passport photo studio in Paddington next to Marylebone, we can print passport photos for every Country in the world. Here are some Countries that we specialise in. If you are looking for a specific country passport photo specification or visa or passport print please visit this page.

Indian Passport Photo

The Indian passport/Visa photo is totally different from the UK passport photo requirements; it is 2inch x 2inch and has to be colour. It must have full face from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin, more importantly face should not be more than 1inch to1-3/8inch (25mm-35mm). The background should be plain white or off-white. In the photo there should not be any type of shadow in the face or in the background. Head covering is not allowed except for religious reasons, but face from top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin should be clearly seen, and the face should be neutral. Babies under one year do not need to have their eyes open, however open eyes is recommended. The children under 10 years of age is bit easy on the position of eyes in the photo and face expression, but the photo should be clear the photograph should not have chair backs visible,  toys or  any of the person should not be visible.

Sri Lanka Passport Photo

The biggest issue with Sri Lankan passport photo is that the requirement of the photo is bit strict about the ears, and customers taking passport photo in a photo booth or anyone who is not aware, make a common mistake by not showing their ears properly.

USA Passport Photo

The US passport is totally different from the UK passport photo requirements; it is 2inch x 2inch and has to be colour. It must have full face from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin, more importantly face should not be more than 1inch to1-3/8inch (25mm-35mm). The background should be plain white or off-white.

It is preferred that the ears should be seen.

USA Visa Photo

In the visa photo of USA it is mandatory to have both printed photo and digital photo; the print photo is the same size as the US passport photo. The main mistake the customer make is that they try to make the digital photo the same size as the print photo which is 2inch x 2inch, but the digital photo is not measured as the physical printed photo it is measured as pixel and can adjust while uploading to US online application form.

USA Digital Passport Photo Format

The digital format of the photo should be between 600 x 600 pixel and 1200 x 1200pixel, the digital photo should be in JPG format. The size of the image should not exceed or not greater than 240kb (kilobyte). At Reload Internet, we ensure that our photos meet all of these specifications


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