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Reload Internet, opposite the London Hilton Paddington is a Business Center offering Travelling Business men and women access to business facilities at much lower prices than the Hotel itself.

We offer Hilton Paddington guests a very special discount.
Just say you are staying with Hilton Paddington to qualify.


Our Store Opposite Hilton Paddington offers Business Travellers

  • Printing in A3 and A4 – Colour and Black and White.
    We cater for High volume and also single prints. Our printing in paddington can be as low as 20p per page for black and white.
  • Mobile Sim Cards
    Avoid roaming charges – pop into our friendly store, and we will get you a prepaid sim card that also has low cost local and international calls. Best of all Mobile data packages will mean you do not have to use your hotels expensive Wifi Network.
  • Mobile Data Connectivity
    We are a one stop shop for Tourists. Not only can we have your Iphone connected to WiFi before you leave our premises, we can discuss all of the option available to connect your ipad or android tablet quickly to the internet at speeds that match fixed lines wifi connections. Not only do we sell you a Prepay sim card for your cellular device, we spend the time to install it, and ensure that it works before you leave the store. We also ensure that you choose the right mobile network for speed and cost over your trip to London.
  • Scanning Service London
    We offer high volume scanning. Our clients range from individuals requiring to sign a single document and email them, to clients requiring hundreds of pages to be scanned quickly and emailed. We can cater to it all.
  • Fax service
    We are one of the few services left in London that still offer a local and international fax service instore, and many clients of ours still Fax this includes payroll and bak information.
  • Mobile Accessories and Laptop Chargers
    From iphone chargers to old school Nokia phones. We stock them all. From Apple Macbook chargers to Sony Vaios, we sell Laptop Chargers instore.
  • Business Card Printing Instore
    We offer Business card printing – FAST turnaround in less than 3 hours. Pop in to our store. Where you do not have a design, we will design it in house. Where you have your design, we will print it in 375gsm white card, and prepare it within 3 hours, ANYTIME of the day.


Printing and Photocopying Hilton Paddington

Printing and Photocopying – Hilton Paddington


Reload Internet is located opposite Hilton Paddington – and we are spread over two floors.

Our Ground floor is compact, but very functional and Lower ground floor is a whopping 2000 square feet.

With the vast infrastructure improvements in Paddington, commuters now have access to all types of trains including the Heathrow express.

Reload is also located opposite the Hilton London Paddington – London’s best connected Hotel. The hotel interfaces directly with Paddington Station and the Heathrow Express Terminal, providing a comfortable hassle free 15-minute journey between the heart of London and Heathrow Airport. Reload benefits from the 355 rooms and the new 27 check-in desks serviced by over 18 major airlines situated on the doorstep of the retail store.

The area surrounding Reload consists of over 150 small to medium hotels, so the clientele mainly using Reload are tourists from Europe and America ages ranging from 18 – 60.

Residential customers are located 15 minutes away from the premises and over the years, Reload has seen a vast upsurge in the quantity of UK based customers using our in-store facilities, due mainly to the “trendy, modern, fresh” look of the store.

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Paddington has below average levels of children and old people but above average levels of 15-24 year olds and, in particular, 25-44 year olds. There are over 3 times the national proportions of single, non-pensioner households


Socio-Economic Profile

81% of those in employment work in the service sector. The population of ACORN Type 21 is highly educated – the proportion of people with degrees is over 4 times higher than average. There are also more than double the average level of students. The socio-economic Profile is very high status, with over twice the national level of professionals.



Paddington and surrounding areas have the highest concentrations of converted flats in the country. 50% of homes are converted flats – this is almost 13 times the national average. The levels of privately rented and housing association rented accommodation are also much higher than average. There are over 8 times more bedsits than average, and the proportions of households sharing amenities is nearly 5 times higher than average.



The proportion of people earning over £40,000 per annum is more than double the average. Ownership of most Financial products, except mortgages, is high but there is very little new account opening going on. Debit cards and personal pensions are particularly popular in these neighbourhoods.



By far the most popular daily paper is The Guardian. All the other quality dailies have very high readership levels in these neighbourhoods. The Sunday Times is the most popular Sunday newspaper, but The Observer and The Independent on Sunday also have well above average readership levels. ITV viewing is extremely light, with 5 times more people than average never watching. Commercial radio listening is light.


Food and Drink

50% more people than average do their grocery shopping daily and the proportion doing grocery shopping on foot is 74% above average. Consumption of frozen foods is low. Usage of leisure services such as lounge cafes and restaurants are high in this socio-economic group.