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If you are looking for a place to have your Liechtenstein passport photo or visa photo captured, printed and prepared at, then Reload Internet is here for you. We are a passport photo studio based in Paddington, London, and have a team of professionally trained staff that are able to produce your Liechtenstein passport photo or visa photo within minutes of your arrival at our store. You are able to walk into our shop and have your Liechtenstein passport photo or visa photo prepared without having to call ahead for an appointment. The entire process only takes around 10 minutes, and we are open every day of the week, meaning we are the most reliable and convenient passport photo studio in London. Our store is located less than 30 seconds walk from both Paddington train and tube stations, so we are accessible to people from any area of London.

Our staff will use the latest camera and printing technology to provide you with a set of 6 high quality Liechtenstein passport photo or visa photo. They will of course meet all of the requirements stated by the Embassy of Liechtenstein, and for the low price of just £9.99, our service cannot be beaten. The Liechtenstein passport photo and visa photo sets also come with a guarantee to pass with your application when it is submitted to the Embassy.

Watch our video below to see how quickly we can produce your Liechtenstein passport or visa photo, and to learn more regarding the specifications:

At Reload Internet we ensure that your Liechtenstein passport photo or visa photo will pass with your application before we even print it. If your photograph does not meet all of the requirements, it will be rejected by the Embassy of Liechtenstein, which will cause delays and may even result in affecting your travel plans.

Liechtenstein Passport Photo and Visa Photo specifications:

  • When getting your Liechtenstein passport, you must submit 2 identical photographs that are 45mm x 35 mm.

Liechtenstein passport photo

  • Your face should take up around 65 – 75% of the photo.
  • It should be a close up of your face and the top of the shoulders.
  • Your photograph must have a neutral expression in it, one that does not show your teeth.
  • You should not have any expression like a laugh, frown, or smile and it must have both of your eyes open. Any image with squinted eyes or raised eyebrows will not be accepted.
  • When the photograph is taken, you should look directly into the camera and nothing should obstruct the view of your eyes.
  • The photos that are submitted must give a very clear picture of your face and your features so that you are easily recognizable. What this means is that the photos should be taken straight-on, allowing the camera to capture all of your facial features to more easily identify you.
  • When photos are taken straight forward, the image will capture your entire face from your chin to the crown of your head in addition to both sides of your face.
  • The images must have been taken recently, within the last 6 months of you submitting your application
  • You need to have a recent picture to ensure the likeness is an accurate one.
  • It is also not generally allowed for a person to wear headwear in the photo though there are some exceptions when it comes to people with reasons that are religious or medical in nature. If this is the case for you, you can wear headwear as long as there are no shadows cast on your face that may cause visibility issues.
  • It must be printed out on a high-quality paper and this must at least be 600 dpi. Any photos that are submitted must be in excellent condition, which means that there cannot be any imperfections in it.
  • They also will not accept any photos that have been manipulated in any way, even something as minor as removing wrinkles or other facial imperfections.

Reload Internet guarantees that the Liechtenstein passport photo or visa photo we produce will pass with your application at the Embassy. We receive all our specifications from the Embassy of Liechtenstein’s guidelines on passport and visa photographs, which can be found here.


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