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Reload Internet is the best place in London to visit if you are in need of a Somali passport photo or visa photo. We are a dedicated passport and visa photo studio based in Paddington, London, that has been in operation for well over a decade, producing hundreds of photographs every single week. We have an experienced team of staff that will provide you with a set of high-quality photos, meeting all of the criteria mentioned in the Embassy of Somalia’s official guidelines on passport and visa photos.

We are open every day of the week at Reload Internet, from morning until late evening, so you can come and have your photographs taken at a time that suits you. We will capture, print and cut your photos to the exact sizing within 10 minutes of your arrival here, and no appointment is needed! Just visit our store and a staff member will happily assist you.

Watch our video below  if you want to learn more about the specifications in regards to Somali passport and visa photographs, or to see how quickly and successfully we are at producing them:

All of our passport and visa photographs come with a guarantee to be accepted the first time you submit them to the embassy along with your application. When you have your Somali passport photo or visa photo produced at Reload Internet, we will produce a set of 6 photographs for just £9.99!

Somali Passport Photo and Visa Photo specifications:

  • 2 copies of identical photos
  • Size is 45mm x 35mm

Somali passport photo

  • The picture should be showing the close up of the face along with the top of the shoulders. Your face should be taking up 70% – 80% of the photo size. The image should be showing the facial features clearly – chin, crown and right and left sides of your face.
  • Photo should be recent, less than 6 months old
  • Eyes should be wide open and the head should be kept straight without any head covering, headband or hat
  • No sunglasses
  • Only prescribed glasses, whereby eyes are clearly visible are allowed
  • Thick rimmed frames are not allowed
  • No alteration of the image
  • The image should be sharp, in focus and clear with least reflective light falling on the face
  • The eyes should not be red
  • The background should be light colored or plain white and without any background shadow
  • Skin tones should be natural quality color
  • Neutral facial expression with closed mouth
  • Clearly visible, open eyes; hair should not fall on the eyes or across the face
  • Photographic paper should be of high quality with high-resolution image
  • Your head should not be turned (portrait style) or positioned at an angle. The head should be straight towards the camera; the face should not be tilted or even slightly rotated. One should look straight into the camera so that both the ears and the cheeks can be seen in the equal proportion.
  • The printing paper should be of high-quality. The print resolution should be a minimum of 600 dpi (especially for a digital camera). The skin tone and the color of the picture should be neutral. There should not be any crease or impurity in the photo. Only colored photos are allowed. The photograph should not be manipulated, such as, softening lines or removing spots.
  • Generally, a headgear is only permitted in special cases like religious reasons. In that case, the face should be clearly visible from the tip of your chin to your forehead. Also, there should not be any shadows on your face.
  • The whole face should be clear, sharply focused and with rich contrast.
  • The photographs of infants and small children should be taken from above, by laying them down. This is because they will not be able to hold on to the prescribed position. If anything is used to provide them with a support, then that should not show in the photograph.

Your Somali passport photo or visa photo must match all of the requirements above, as your application will most likely be rejected should your photo fail to do so, costing you time, money and stress. This can be avoided if you visit Reload Internet for your Somali passport photo or visa photo, as we guarantee they will be accepted the first time you submit them with your application.

Our specifications are taken from the Somali Embassy’s guidelines on passport and visa photos, which you can see here.


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