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If you have lost your Indian passport and do not have copies of your Indian Passport and have not yet obtained a surrender certificate and are a Foreign Citizen (like a British Citizen) then it is worth pointing out at this stage that India does not allow dual citizenship.

Holding an Indian Passport (even if you have lost it) after you have received foreign citizenship is an offence under the Indian Passport Act, 1967, and can attract penalties which is why you need a surrender certificate to cover your back.

Under Indian law, if you have received foreign Nationality you are required to surrender your Indian passport to the nearest Indian Mission/Post immediately after acquisition of foreign citizenship.

Here is the process to obtaining a surrender certificate if you have lost or misplaced your Indian Passport. First which are you?

  • Did you obtain Foreign Citizenship after 01 June 2010? If so you should apply for a Renunciation Declaration.
  • Did you obtain Foreign Citizenship before 2001? Then you should apply for a Deemed Surrender Certificate:

The renunciation / surrender certificate procedure and fee structure is based on the circumstances above and whether you have obtained British Citizenship or not.


If you have your Indian Passport, or have copies of your indian passport, please follow this link: surrender certificate help


Surrender Certificate for lost Indian passport (after 1 June 2010)

If you became a foreign national after June 1 2010 and you have lost your indian passport and you require an Indian Surrender certificate, then you will need to provide a Declaration addressed to High Commission of India, London or respective consulate in Birmingham or Edinburgh, explaining the reasons for not being able to provide the physical Indian passport. We can assist you with this declaration free of charge – if you book an appointment with us for your complete OCI application package.

We will first assist you with obtaining your Surrender certificate – and then once you receive this, we will then use this to complete your OCI application form


Surrender Certificate for lost Indian passport (before 1 June 2010)

If you have a photocopy of your expired old Indian passport

Applicants of Indian Origin, who acquired foreign nationality on or before 1 June 2010 but have lost their Indian passport will not be able to receive a Surrender Certificate. BUT if you received foreign citizenship more than 10 years ago and your Indian passport also expired before 2010 you could be issued with a ‘Deemed Surrender Certificate’. So if you provide a photocopy of your previous Indian passport then you will not have an issue. if you have a copy of the Indian passport there has never been a problem.

If you do not have a photocopy of your expired Indian passport

But if you do not have a copy of your Indian Passport, things get a little bit more complicated as you will require a document issued by a public authority such as a British Home Office acknowledgement letter or an impounding slip issued by an Indian Immigration Officer showing that you indeed had an Indian passport and thus proving your previous Indian citizenship. You will also need an affidavit if you do not have a copy of your previous Indian passport.

Please always remember that the Consulate also reserves the right to make inquiries if they are suspicious and they may request you to pay an additional reference fee of £22 if they wish to verify your submissions authenticity.

If you have a valid Indian passport which has been lost

If you have lost your Indian passport and it is still valid then you are are required to furnish a notarised affidavit in original and also a Police Report which states that it has been lost.


If an Indian Mission canceled your Indian passport but you were not issued a Surrender Certificate

If you have a “Surrender Certificate or Renunciation form” attested by an Indian Authority then you will not be required to take any further action. However, if your Indian passport has been cancelled but you do not have a surrender certificate then you will still be required to formally renounce your citizenship.