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We are a Passport photo studio based in Paddington, London that specialises in taking passport photo and visa photo for Iran. We can take your Iranian passport photo or visa photo in our store and our fully trained staff will photograph you with the right lighting and the correct background that the Iranian Embassy requires.

We can print and prepare your Iranian passport photo or visa photo while you wait in our store with no appointment needed.

At Reload Internet we open early and close late every day of the week, allowing you to come and have your Iranian passport photo or visa photo captured, printed and cut at a time that suits you. All of our photographs come with a guarantee to pass when submitted to your chosen Embassy first time round!

Watch the video on how efficient we are with Iranian passport and visa photos. Do you recognize the actor? 

You need to make sure that the passport photos you submit are 100% embassy approved and sometimes instant photo kiosks will not be able to meet these standards. We have had countless customers visit us, due to them being declined when using photo-booths, in order to get the right specifications of a Iranian passport photo or visa photo.

Choosing Reload Internet to get your Iranian passport photo and visa photos, and we can help you avoid an embarrassing or frustrating declines that could occur at the Iranian Embassy. At Reload Internet we will ensure that we are able to supply you with a crisp, clear passport photo for Iran.

As with most Embassies, the passport photos you submit with your passport or visa application will need to be more than six months old – and at Reload Internet we will ensure that there we remove all red eye or any shadows in the background (or even from your face) that can affect the quality of the passport photo for you.

Iranian Passport Photo specifications:

  • Six identical photos are required, and they should be no older than six months
  • The photo should be 30mmx40mm, with the face covering 70-80% of the picture
  • The background should be plain white

Iranian Passport Photo

  • Eyes must be open and clearly visible, and should not be covered by any hair or spectacle frames, we strongly advise that you take of your glasses as it will guarantee your photo will be accepted by the Iranian government
  • The applicants head should be square to the camera and not tilted, as well as looking directly at the camera
  • Neutral expression is required, with both eyes open and mouth closed
  • If the applicant is a woman over 9 years old, and scarf is required to be worn in the photograph and hair should be covered
  • Head wear is not permitted other than for religious reasons

Iranian Visa Photo specifications:

  • For Iranian visa photos, the requirements are generally the same, with the only exception being the size of the photograph, and therefore the applicant’s head size
  • Your visa photographs must measure 45 mm x 35 mm, with 70-80% of the photograph being covered by the applicant’s head

Iranian visa photo

The quality of the actual photograph should be good with a high print finish, which can be provided for you in store.


Iran Digital Photo

In case you are seeking to apply for your Iranian Digital Passport Photo then your digital iran passport photo that we provide will be:

  • In color
  • In JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) file format
  • Equal to or less than 500 kB (kilobytes) in file size (less than 10 kB is not accepted)
  • In a rectangular aspect ratio (height must be greater than width)
  • Be sized in 400(minimum-width) x 600(minimum-height) pixels, with about 70-80% part of the photo must be filled by the applicant’s face

Here is a sample image of an Iranian Digital passport Photo for you:


Iran digital passport photo specification

This is exactly what we will produce and we will email it to you after you visit our studio in Paddington, London. We look forward to welcoming you.


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