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Reload Internet is the best passport photo studio in London for you to have your Argentina passport photo or visa photo captured, printed and prepared. We are located in Paddington, less than a 30 second walk from both Paddington tube and train stations, making us accessible for people from every area of London. We stay open throughout the week, from early morning until late evening, so you can come and have your Argentina passport photo or visa photo taken at a time that suits you! We take hundreds of passport and visa photographs every week, so you can be certain that the Argentinian Passport Photo we provide you with will pass first time with your application at the Embassy!

Our staff have been fully trained to provide you with a set of photographs that meet the necessary criteria and are of high-quality. We will capture your Argentina passport photo or visa photo with the correct lighting, background & angle. Afterwards we will cross-check the photo with the official passport and visa photograph guidelines to ensure it meets all of the specifications, and after doing this we will print your photograph and cut it to size. That is why we can guarantee that the photographs we provide you with will pass with your application, no issue!

Watch our video to learn more information about the requirements in regards to Argentina passport and visa photos, or to see how quickly we can produce yours:

You must make sure that your Argentina passport photo or visa photo meets the necessary specifications listed below, as it will likely be rejected by the Embassy if it fails to do so. If you come to Reload Internet you can eliminate any possibility of your Argentina passport photo or visa photo being rejected!

Argentina Passport Photo specifications:

  • 1.5 x 1.5 inch is the standard measurement for Argentine passport photos

Argentina passport photo

  • Backgrounds with any form of patterns are prohibited. Only white back grounds can be used. Also, only the person being photographed is permitted to appear in the photo. No other object is permitted to appear. The presence of shadows are also not permitted.
  • No less than 6 identical photos are needed for submission.
  • Argentine authorities require three-quarter profile photos. Also, the three-quarter profile should be from the right.
  • When taking a photo for babies, the baby’s eyes should be clearly open and visible.
  • The baby’s photo should be taken in their car sit if the baby is too young to sit alone.
  • A series of photos should be taken to give enough room for choices to be made.
  • Glasses are not allowed when taking Argentine passport and visa photos

Argentina Passport Photo specifications for infants:

  • If the Passport is for a baby, it is expedient to ensure that the baby’s eyes are very visible to the camera.
  • Also, the baby should be well rested
  • Glasses should not be worn
  • Profile photos must be taken from left to right and also should portray three quarter of the face
  • 40 mm X 40 mm is the standard measurements for passport photos
  • A white background is required
  • Five copies of photos are required.

Argentina visa requirements are dependent on the type of visa that is needed. Types of visa s that might be required include medical visas, work visas, student visas, tourist visas and temporary visas.

There are different regulations for each type of visa. It is important to note that the requirements are not permanent but are subject to constant change.

Argentina Visa Photo specificaitions:

  • Argentina visa photos are generally the same as passport, other than a couple of minor details listed below
  • A light blue back ground
  • Four passport photos

If your Argentina passport photo or visa photo fails to meet all of the requirements listed above, then it is extremely likely that your application will be rejected due to a photograph error. This could cost you time, money, stress and may even affect your travel plans. Visit Reload Internet to ensure that your Argentina passport photo or visa photo passes first time when you submit it to the Embassy along with your application.

Our specifications are taken from the Embassy of Argentina’s guidelines on passport and visa photographs which you can see here.


Argentina Passport Photo printed in London