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We are a Passport photo studio based in Paddington, London that can take your passport or visa photos for the Bahamas. We can take your Bahamas passport photo or visa photo in our store and our trained staff will take your photo with the right lighting and the correct background that the Bahamas Government requires.

We can print and prepare your Bahamas passport photo or visa photos instantly while you wait in store.

Our late opening times means that you can also visit us 7 days a week and your Bahamas Passport photos snapped from Reload Internet includes a guarantee that they will be approved at the High Commission of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas or we will retake them free of charge.

Watch the video on how efficient we are with Bahamas passport photos and visa photos.

You need to make sure that you have a set of high quality photos in order for your application to be accepted by the Bahamas government, and instant photo kiosks may not be able to meet these standards. We have had countless customers who have been declined, visit us to get the right specifications of a Bahamas passport or visa photo.

Choosing Reload Internet to get your Bahamas passport photo or visa photo can help you avoid delays that may occur with your application. You need to make sure that you have clear photographs that can be used to easily identify who you are when entering the Bahamas.

Please bear in mind that your Passport photo for Bahamas MUST BE less than 6 months old or they will be rejected and our photos will always be in clear focus with no red eye or other imperfections that may affect the quality of your photograph.

You need to have a clear complexion on the photos, no excessive use of make-up or anything that could alter the features of the applicants face.

Bahamas passport photo and visa photo specifications:

  • Bahamas requirements state that four photographs should be submitted where the photograph should be no larger than 2.5” x 2” or smaller than 2” x 1.5”, therefore we recommend the size of 50mm x 40mm

Bahamas passport photo

  • The passport photo should be no more than 6 months old
  • Photos taken at photo booths and on computers may not be accepted by the Bahamas authorities
  • The background must be white, with shadows on neither the applicants face nor the backdrop (dark clothing is also recommended)
  • The face should cover 60-70% of the photograph, therefore the head size should be 30-35mm
  • The applicant should have a neutral expression, mouth closed, eyes open and looking directly at the camera, and head centred and square to the camera, as well as both ears clearly showing
  • Headwear is allowed under religious circumstances, and full facial features must be visible from bottom of chin to the applicants hairline, as well as both edges of your face being shown
  • Glasses, hearing devices and similar articles of clothing should be worn in the picture if they are normally worn by the applicant
  • The photos should have appropriate brightness and contrast, as well as be printed on high quality paper at high resolution, photographs that are digitally altered will not be accepted

The quality of the actual photograph should be good with a high print finish, which can be provided for you in store.

If your photo does not meet the specifications above it may be refused by the government of the Bahamas, at Reload Internet we ensure that this will not happen to your application.

Our specifications are constantly updated by both the Reload staff as well as the Bahamas authorities, you can find the source of our information here.


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